Work Wear – fauxy

Today’s work wear post can be summed up in two words, total comfort. This Loft dress has been featured many a time on the blog but this week I wanted to give it a new spin. I’ve paired it with cardigans, blazers etc but lately I’ve been wanting to explore some new options. Something a little out of my comfort zone. One of my favorite purchases from this season at Loft is this Fur Faux Vest (which is currently on sale btw). I love how versatile it is, I can pair it with just about any ensemble and have a fresh, great look.

Now, fur in the workplace? Personally in today’s world I think the definitions of Business Professional and Business Casual are changing. I think that it’s alright to wear fur. Fur is a statement and can really give a great edge to your daily ensemble. Also, since it’s winter, it will keep you warm and if you’re from the North East you know what I’m talking about. I like this vest because the fur is an accent itself. (although you can reverse it and wear a full fur look, if you wanted.) I think it complements the lighter tones of my floral dress but also catches your eye as a statement as well.


Coming in HOT from RocksBox!

RocksBox is one of those subscriptions that I just adore. This month my stylist crushed my wish list by sending me 3 pieces that I absolutely will be getting plenty of wear out of. I will definitely be posting again to show off these gems separately so you can get a good look at each piece and how I personally would style them. But first, let’s take a look at what I got!

Aster Quince Fringe Earrings. These babies are BEAUTIFUL and so so fun! Neutral colors make for easy pairing yet add a little “something something” to your daily look.

The Slate Helios Necklace – oh em gee. I love this necklace. I am always looking for a statement, gold necklace that isn’t overpowering for my complexion or my style. This is definitely the perfect combination, I’ll explain more when it’s featured!

And last but certainly not least the Perry Street Teardop Statement Studs. I LOVE THESE EARRINGS. In fact, I’m wearing them right now! They are so beautiful, simple and classic. I love blue (favorite color yall) and the color is so versatile, you will wear them quite often.

So – never heard of Rocksbox? Heard me talk about it a billion times but haven’t tried them out yet? Use my discount code and your first month is free on me. Why wouldn’t you want to try out 3 pieces of designer FOR FREE before signing up for the actual subscription? DO IT NOW! Code is “stylebyleannexoxo” you’re welcome in advance!


And she lived lawfully ever after!

I had the most amazing time this weekend celebrating one of my favorite college friends getting married! Callie is a sweet soul. This girl has a heart for people, always has, since the moment I met her. She was a stunning bride & was absolutely glowing!

I mean, come on, I know you see it too!

I had one of my favorite looks in mind for this wedding. This Loft polka dot, bell sleeve dress was flirty and classic (especially at the gorgeous Graystone Quarry venue!) paired with tights and little black booties, I danced the night away, in comfort and style, with some old college friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Ultimately it’s all about comfort! Never settle for anything less.


New Year, new me.

Today was a frustrating day. Ever have those moments where you are just like COME ON please let just one thing go my way? Well, that was me. Work was busy, as always when coming back from a long weekend, and I’ve been frustrated with my blog lately. It’s tough when you don’t have a photographer. I have some friends that are so great helping me with my pictures, but sometimes I get in a rut where I don’t see them for a while (like now) where I am struggling to produce pictures to go with my posts.

So, I am begging you social world to help me! If you are interested, or know someone who is, please message me! I would love to connect and work with you.

Moving on – I am so excited to head back down south this weekend. One of my college girlfriends is getting married and I am beyond excited to be there for her special day. I had some of my best days frolicking through farmland in the backwoods of Tennessee. It got me thinking… something new I’m doing this year is taking time to really enjoy the happy moments. Enjoy and remember them. I’m going to be writing down a happy moment each day and keeping it in a jar so that I can read them on NYE next year!


Welcome 2018.

I’m sitting here at a coffee shop feeling thankful. 2017 was an alright year i guess. Weird how the bad seems to be remembered over the good? I made a point to think of all the good that happened this year. New place to live, new job, new friends. Lots of new chapters have been started in my life this year, lots of new beginnings.

I’ve been surrounded by a lot of negativity lately. I found myself becoming a part of my surroundings and realized how much I hated who I was becoming. I hate feeling down, negative and grouchy. I mean, who really wants to be around that? (Thank you to my friends who suffered through that haha!)

I love New Years – I hate NYE but that’s a story for another time – I love the thought of a new year, a clean slate, a blank page. Nothings been written yet, nothing’s known. It’s an adventure that you can write for yourself. You can reinvent yourself, change some bad habits and explore new passions and dreams.

Welcome, 2018, I’m happy to meet you.


3 things to remember when planning your NYE party.

With NYE being right around the corner I thought i would share with you some tips to throwing a fantastic NYE bash! There are a few things that I always include when i start planning; think about the 3 main things – food, drinks and FUN!

For food I like to keep things easy – finger foods or an actual spread? Up to you! Just remember the fan favorites (scallops wrapped in bacon!). Now for drinks always have the option for alcoholic and non-alcoholic. People like having the option. Also, keep the non-alcoholic festive too! People like to have special glasses and fun drink decor!

Now for the fun – be sure to have fun games planned and my favorite, a photo booth! You can get great props at a fantastic price! Always check for the seasonal options too, they’re so fun and festive, you can’t go wrong!


Work wear Wednesday!

I am super excited about today’s work wear post for a few reasons; first, the skirt is literally heaven in Loft. I’m a huge fan of their scuba skirts but the coloring on this is incredible for any time of year. Second, the coat! By golly, the coat is amazing. I’m so glad I snagged it when I did.

Let’s talk a little more about the skirt; I love the floppy, scuba style. I think it is so incredibly flattering on any and all body types. It’s hard to not buy every single one that Loft comes out with but when something works, you keep it. The texture of this skirt is really fun and flirtatious! I love the different colors that are brought out and how it makes it so versatile. Thing about all of the colors that you can wear!? SO MANY!

Some items that you cannot quite see because of the coat are my Lou and Grey navy blue sweater and a statement necklace from Loft. Some other add ons; tights (Loft) and tall boots (The Frye Company). The coat is a fantastic piece that Loft came out with last year. The button up front gives off a classic, Audrey Hepburn feel although in the winter you have to layer up because those are not full sleeves!

There is nothing better than feeling beautiful in your outfit of the day, I feel covered, beautiful and classic in this outfit. Like classic pearls kinda classic!


Stocking stuffers every girl needs this season.

One thing that I love to do every year is get my girlfriends little stocking stuffer gifts. Money is always tight this time of year but don’t let that fool you. There are simple ways to take advantage of sales and put together the perfect little gift for your girls, or whoever you may be shopping for. I always start at one place, the Loft. (I know, shocking) There are certain pieces that I think are great for every year. Socks, gloves, hats, beanies, scarves? These are all great mix and match items that you can really dress up and make a cute little package!

Here are some stocking stuffer gifts that I am loving this year – and with all of the great sales constantly going on this time of year, you are bound to get a fantastic deal! Mix and match or grab something a little outside the box, the options are endless.


The Jewelry Bx

I am really excited to share a new brand that I have enjoyed researching and talking with lately. The Jewelry Bx is a small business that was started by a Mother daughter team from New England. Mari, Jenna and Nina have poured their passions into a brand that promotes women and beauty. Their pieces are gorgeous, simple and elegant. I am excited to share a holiday piece that I have gotten many compliments on over the last few weeks, especially at holiday parties.

The Sparkle and Shine Earrings literally are all the “dazzle” you need, so much so that they even have that in the description! These silver earrings are lightweight and have not irritated my ears at all. I am thrilled with how versatile they are and really do add the perfect amount of sparkle in any outfit I put together. I highly recommend checking out there jewelry, link is included here.


Beware of the blush tones

Something I have always struggled with is my fair skin. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my “porcelain skin”, HOWEVER, it does make it difficult to wear certain colors. (or get a tan LOL!) Well, you may be wondering why I am on this tangent? Pastels and pale colors are trending right now and I’m going to share some of my tips to grabbing the right shade, as well as how to dress to compliment your skin tone rather than take away from it.

Blush tones are a favorite of mine; they are so delicate, feminine and have a classic essence to them. Loft has so many pale pinks and creams out right now that I was not going to miss out. How I balance it? Two main ways – accessories and dark features, such as a pant/denim. The nice thing about pale and blush tones is that you really have open reign to accessorize however you want to. I like to compliment with darker tones that match. In my opinion, it can really bring the whole look together. A plain blouse with a multi-colored scarf or statement necklace, or a dark dress with a long, fitted blush jacket can really add a little “something something” to your daily look.

I try and avoid the really light blush tones, especially the pinks. Anything that may have the potential to wash me out, I stay away from. We are all different, so what works for me may not work for you, and visa versa. Be brave, try out a new blush color this holiday season. It’s great for those holiday parties and family get togethers that we all have this time of year. My favorite blush pink top from Loft I wore for Thanksgiving paired with jeans, booties and some gold pearl necklace accessories. Best part though? The bell sleeves!