Stoop sitting with Leanne

Well it’s Thursday folks, anyone else excited about this? I am excited for a nice weekend home on Cape with my family. What to know what else I am super excited about? A HAIRCUT! I’m seeing my girl on Cape who always makes me look fabulous! It’s also one of my dearest friends baby shower! Lots of fun things coming over the next few days.

Today I took my cute and casual tee shirt swing dress and paired it with my faux fur vest for a little something something.  I took myself out to the front steps of my apartment and had a little photo shoot on my own. Sometimes I like to do that, just keep it simple – me and my phone. I took some time to just sit, be in my moment. It was a beautiful day that we were blessed with. Sun was shining and it was warmer than normal.

Next week I am starting Style by Leanne from scratch – showing off some revamping that I have been mulling over and dreaming about. Today, I wish you a happy and healthy start to your weekend!


hello Kate Spade!

Last month’s splurge was well worth the money! I was in Hawaii thinking about how I had done so well not spending all of my money I saved up…. Then I saw it. The Kate Spade store. (need I say more?) Well I walked out with a purse and a wallet and I am feeling sorry, not sorry about it at all. I hadn’t really splurged on myself recently, aside from clothes of course, so it felt good spending my hard earned money on something that I really wanted.

What really caught my attention was the color; it is a great neutral color that will match just about any outfit. See here I have paired it in a number of different ensembles since bringing home from the beautiful state of Hawaii. I like to think it’s a little pocket of sunshine I am adding to every look.


transition in charming neutral clutches.

Something every girl should have as a transition piece in her closet are some neutral colored clutches. Why? Think about it, seasons are changing and having colors that you can easily pair with your day to day looks are imperative. Many of us have trouble finding clutches because of the size. Personally I just need something that can fit my essentials; cell phone, cards, lipstick and keys.

This Charming Charlie clutch is the perfect color and quickly became one of my favorite pieces to transition seasons with! I use it frequently, especially in the spring and fall. I rarely use it in the winter since I have more dark, heavy colors to choose from and in the summer I love to break out bright pastels and prints. I am always on the hunch for a great find, if you have a place you suggest DM me, would love to hear your suggestions.


Keeping the faith on a Monday.

One thing that I am going to start incorporating into my blog posts is a faith post on Monday’s. What a way to start your week, right? There are a lot of distractions happening in my life right now and I find now, more than ever, the pull of my attention in ways that aren’t glorifying to the Lord. Well, as an active attempt to shun Satan I want to share that with you. I have found that listening to other people’s testimonies really help me in more ways that I can say. You never know what someone is going through, what they may need to hear.

It’s important to share life with people; we all relate in one way or another and if my moments of happiness, sorrow etc can be encouraging to another than sharing is absolutely worth it. Today I want to share one of my favorite songs by Elevation Worship, I have linked the youtube video below. Great things (Worth it All) pulls at all of my heart strings and is that gentle reminder that God is with me. My favorite lyrics from this song are “thank you for the scars I bear, they declare that you are my healer. How could I have seen your strength, if you never showed me my weakness?”. When I am at my weakest I find strength in knowing that God is in control. I struggle with that daily, things I cannot control. It’s hard to let go of a situation no matter how involved you are, or aren’t, and just let things happen the way they are supposed to. Watching loved ones make tough choices and mistakes is so hard, but prayer is powerful. Remember that.

Great things (worth it all) link

Praying for lots of healing, strength and peace this week. I pray the same for you and any situation you may find yourself in.


The 4 w’s to consider when getting dressed.

There are 4 things that I always keep in mind when getting dressed every morning; who, what, where and when. You may remember this from grammar school, well they are my fashion questions too. Who are you seeing/meeting? What is the weather like? Where are you going? When are you going? (time of day etc)

So why is this important? Well this beautiful botanical shift dress was the perfect choice for a day full of meetings at work and a photo shoot with my cousin. Who? Emily, company management, co-workers. What? Meetings and a photoshoot. Where? Boston, by the water. When? Day time, early afternoon.

I always try to think about the time of day and the weather. Is it going to be cold? Should I layer? Tights? For photo shoots you have to think about the lighting – what times of day are best, especially in your desired location. 

These are just a few things that you can keep in mind to keep your ensemble fresh and appropriate for all situations. I never want to be caught in a compromising situation, especially at work. 

This dress is one of my favorites. It’s also perfect for East – hint hint! I paired with some tights since it was on the chillier side that day. Pale pink Loft earrings, black booties and my newest Kate Spade purchase to top of a fun, flirty, feminine work and play look.

This dress is still available – buy yours today at! Don’t wait until they are all gone!


All of these photos were taken by my fantastic and talented cousin Emily Isnor. She’s da – thanks Em!


2 ways to wear destructed denim.

Many women look at destructed denim and immediately categorize it as casual. 99% of the time I would agree with that statement but today’s casual post is going to show you a way to keep those holes in your jeans casual, and chic. I had a blast shooting these two looks because the photo shoots did NOT go the way we expected them too. We had camera issues, weather issues and so much more. Not to worry though, you’ll still get the point.

First, let’s talk chic. Chic means “elegantly and stylishly fashionable” – in other words, there is a wide range of what the word chic can mean. For me, it’s anything out of the ordinary from my style. I have a very conservative, classic, feminine style. Very Loft. Add some leather, any sort of a plunging neckline and jewelry to flatter and you are right out of my comfort zone.

Here you will see my Loft Skinny Jeans paired with black booties, a black tee from Asos, Loft Faux leather jacket, plunge necklace and floppy hat. (yes, had to keep a little bit of myself in this look, hence the hat.) To keep things conservative I layered my plunging tee with a tank top that my necklace could fall into. After all, when going to meetings the last thing you want is too much cleavage. Keep things chic, and classy. Always class. 
This wind blown look happened right as a bunch of trees fell down around me. It was very dramatic, oh, and then the camera fell. (21st century struggles) I love adding my red purse to any look that has a lot of solid, black colors. I love the way it just pops and grabs your attention. 

Let’s talk casual. For my casual look I paired my destructed denim with a cold shoulder tee from Loft. This look was simple; no crazy jewelry but a focus on the jeans and a great hair day – we love when that happens!

Also, I want to point out that I understand not all destructed denim looks like this pair of Loft jeans. Some are more hole than jean. Keep that in mind when putting your look together and stay true to your own style. We all have a different vision and eye for fashion, that’s what makes challenges like this so fun. No ones will ever be the same.

I love these earrings too – they are also from Loft – they went great with my top and were a cute add on without taking away from the look I was trying to capture. Brown boots to top everything off and pull together a cute look for a day of hair, nails and drinks with friends in the city. 

Have another idea for styling your destructed denim? Be sure to comment or DM me. I would love to hear your ideas!


here to there, with a little red purse.

if there is one thing that I love it’s anything red. I love adding a pop of color to any ensemble, especially if it’s red. This Loft purse is incredible!  I love the chic, simplicity of this cross body bag. It’s a great size if you can downsize (yes, I said “if”). Throw your cards, keys, lipstick and cell phone and you’re good to go.

I love having at least one or two smaller purses to use for traveling or the summer time where less is more. I tend to break these out on weekends since during the week I seen to accumulate work and blog items as well. It’s great for the simple events or family gatherings.

I paired this look together on a really rainy day – I was absolutely soaked and the majority of the looks did NOT come out good. BUT, it was fun, therefore I am sharing them anyways. Leather, all black and distressed denim!


Happy March!

If there is one thing that I am constantly doing it’s working on my vision for this blog. It’s funny how as a new blogger you are constantly racing in different directions as new passions come into your world. Something that I always want is to be up front with my readers.  I’ve been blogging just over a year and as new topics pop up I have found there are certain trends that I am really digging and ideas that I thought were great but fell flat. It’s a lot of trial and error.

I thought that I really wanted to work with brands and as much as I’ve enjoyed that it’s a tad discouraging for a woman my size and height. I cannot work with these cute boutiques because, well, I can’t wear their clothes. I’m 6’1…. I mean, right? So I’m sticking to what I know and expanding in different interests. Having worked for Loft for almost 5 years and now working at an investment firm in the city having a wardrobe that is appropriate work wear is imperative. Work wear is definitely something I will be focusing on, as well as taking your wardrobe and really getting the ultimate use out of it. I love to shop as much as the next fashionista but the purpose of my shopping is versatility and longevity. I want a closet that will last me a long time!

So that’s the plan – moving forward things will change a little, especially this month. I’m excited about the changes. (now if only I could not be sick and really dive into being prepared!!!!)



Today wasn’t a good day. I guess they can’t all be. You try to do your best, be your best, love others as you want to be loved. It ain’t easy.

Today I am allowing myself to feel. To be, to accept. Sometimes that is all you have to do.


Hawaii recap!

Well it’s back to reality tomorrow. I am not ready for that, I will be honest. I’ve been absolutely spoiled with vacation and time off from the real world. I’m excited to get back in the swing of things but before bringing Style by Leanne content back to “reality” I want to share some of my looks and experiences from this Hawaiian vacation.

This first look is a shout out to the Old Navy active line. I have two go to brands for athleisure; Lou & Grey and Old Navy. The tall options and fun prints always suck me in. Here you will see a tank and legging combo that was fun but breathable, which is what you need in the hot Hawaiian weather.

This active look is also from Old Navy; the tank and shorts combo was great for a hike through the rainforest to the beautiful Manoa falls.

While venturing through the North Shore this breezy, floral tank top, from Old Navy, and black leggings from Lou & Grey were a huge hit. I got so many compliments on this top, and I have matching bottoms too! These got me through a great time ATVing through Kualoa Ranch – another absolutely incredible experience.

This beach cover up I actually got last summer for my first trip to Hawaii. I love the breezy, florals; perfect for spring and summertime.

I bought this kimono from Cinnamon Girl in Hawaii. I broke it out for round two this vacation on a whale watch with the family (which was incredible by the way – I hope you saw my snaps)

This bathing suit combo is courtesy of Victoria’s Secret and Swimsuits for All. I was introduced to Swimsuits for All by my sister. It is an amazing line of swimsuits that are great for woman who are curvy and tall, I had great success in finding a one piece and some high waisted bottoms for a little extra coverage.

I am so thankful y’all were able to follow along this vacation. Can’t wait for round two!