Today was a busy day; cleaning, spending time with my family. I spent about 3 hours working on goals & looks for this week. Excitement, that’s what I’m feeling. It’s an overwhelming emotion that I haven’t felt in a very long time. #stylebyleanne I’ve been trying to work on finding a nitch. Something’s been missing, today that changed. I looked in my closet and saw these gorgeous sweaters, dresses and blouses and realized I’ve been suffocating a passion of mine. A passion to feel comfortable in my own skin, a passion to feel beautiful, a passion to chase a dream. 

I love working at the loft. I love being around clients, helping them find the perfect outfit for their date, dinner party or just a special “you deserve this” gift. I’ve been spending time with with friends, coworkers and strangers, picking their brains about what in fashion makes them comfortable, confident, sexy, content. I love helping people feel GOOD. You have suggestions? Questions? Want a consult? Message me! 


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