Feature: @chasingcasee

Meet Casey – she is one of my favorite human beings, and I’m not just saying that because she is my cousin. Casey is a writer, yogi, singer and lover of dogs and lipstick.  She can be found frolicking the Jersey Shore and always adventuring off somewhere! You will often find me referencing her when it comes to health, yoga, fitness… Anything about bettering yourself physically.  Today I introduce her in #stylebyleanne! She sent me some looks to share fir @capecodfashionista and these looks are too good not to share. 

This look is so timeless. Case put together an ensemble for work that any woman can wear heading into the office for the day. This J.Crew top goes great with some Old Navy pixie pants and booties from Nordstom.  Notice the detailing in this top, so delicate and simple yet gives a flirtatious, classic look that can be worn just about anywhere.  Old Navy pixie pants are perfect for work, not to mention all of the colors and patterns you can get! Grey is one of my favorite accent colors this season. ESPECIALLY on your feet! Different shades, textures and styles. I love being able to use this versatile color, and I do almost daily. Be sure to check out @capecodfashionista Instagram posts for details, and give @chasingcasee a follow while you’re at it. 


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