Today was a cool brisk day on Cape Cod, I don’t know about you guys but I was freezing! Thankfully, I dressed for the part! Today’s look had one of my favorite pieces that I own. Two simple words can put this sweater into context. Ralph Lauren. This long, open cardigan is a GEM. The camel coloring is perfect to match with just about anything and the warmth is indescribable. Today I paired this beauty with some loft dark wash denim (modern skinny), a crotchet loft shell tank and a floral scarf that was a gift off of a cart in Boston, MA. 

One thing I love about loft is how their denim fits. As a tall woman, slender in build, the modern skinny denim fit me better than any jean ever has. There are many different cuts (modern and curvy) styles and washes. Go grab a pair today, or maybe at the end of the week for Black Friday! Oh, and for you tall drinks of water, like myself, we have extended lengths available online and it is absolutely worth it.


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