You know for many years Thanksgiving was a day of eating too much, drinking too much and being with loved ones. Now, as the years have passed and I’ve grown to be a mature adult (HA, who am I kidding?) I find that I definitely love being with my family and friends. Although this year is different for me. This year, I had the privilege of leading worship at my church for our Thanksgiving Eve service. Don’t worry, I’m not about to start preaching a sermon or anything, but this year really got me thinking.

What is thanksgiving all about? As a Christian, I am thankful for Jesus. I am thankful that there is a higher power, something worth living for. I am thankful that during many hours of praying, planning and researching I was able to really make a personal connection to this holiday in a way I have never made before. “For all that you have done for us, for every battle won. We’ll raise a song to bless your heart, for all that you have done.” As I was singing this song, and many others, I had one of my “worship moments” where I kind of, black out in a song. The congregation was singing so loud, it was the most beautiful sound. I’ve never felt closer to God in my life. It was crazy. 

Moments like this happen and I find that in my busy life I don’t tend to stop and be in the moment. Today, I stopped and was caught up in this beautiful moment looking into the faces of people that I love so much. It’s an amazing feeling. I am so thankful for OBC and my worship team, they are the most talented, selfless, supportive and encouraging people that I know. They have helped me grow so much, and have been so patient with me as I have had moments of real struggle. 

On a totally different note, how beautiful is my nephew? Cough cough, scroll below.

This beautiful little face brought me so much joy after the service today. I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. So I went to my mom’s house and spent time with her, my brother, and my nephew. He played, snuggled, ripped my hair and my earrings out BUT he made me smile. He warmed my heart. I have a lot to be thankful for. I have an amazing family. I have a mother who is a saint, easily the most selfless woman I know. Spending time with her tonight made me realize how ungrateful and selfish I can be. I AM SO BEYOND BLESSED. Look at my family, look at my job and my friends. And to think, there are times where all I do is complain because my outfit didn’t come out the way I thought it would. Or my hair, which was an actual struggle today, was too “flat”.  What a humbling feeling to remember what you’re thankful for, what’s important in life. God, I am so thankful for those moments of clarity. 

This thanksgiving, I want to challenge you to stop and be in the moment. Put your phone down, be with the people you are with. Be present, be positive. Life is short, kindness goes a long way. Tell someone you are thankful for them, and mean it. 

Happy thanksgiving eve everyone, thankful for all of you. Thanks for reading my post today. Tomorrow, we go back to my other favorite thing….. FASHION! Xoxo – Leanne 


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