It’s one of my favorite days of the year! A time of fellowship and FOOD! I don’t know about y’all, but I know I ate waaaaaaay too much today. Today’s post will be kept short as I have to be at the @loft at 5am. Happy shopping everyone! Here’s a snap shot of my day, and outfits! 

Today I paired my favorite @loft jean (modern skinny) with a loft sweater and @thepaperstore scarf. This scarf may look familiar from another post, well it’s the same scarf turned inside out! How nifty! This look was comfortable and flattering, even after a plateful (okay two) of turkey. Curly hair stayed in tact thanks to @tresemme and make up is all @bareminerals. Be sure to check the Instagram [@stylebyleanne] for more details of this look. 

Cousins coming to celebrate this beautiful holiday. Lots of @loft being worn, can you spot it? 👀

And yes, another post of someone who makes my heart absolutely melt. Looking so handsome in his plaid & overalls. 

Gobble gobble 🦃 xoxo Leanne


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