Knits on knits. Lately, the Cape has been a chilly place to exist. I find comfort (and warmth!) in a loft sleeveless sweater and a big, knit scarf. This scarf was a purchase made over 3 years ago at the Mass Bay Company in Hyannis, MA. 

I love the layered look over a chambray long sleeve. Chambray is great because you can literally wear it with anything. It is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet. I’ve searched high and low for the perfect chambray top and I have to say loft is the place I was able to find my perfect fit. 

Being 6’1; it’s hard to find just about anything with the right length. I’ve had luck with pants and jeans at loft and old navy – extended inseams woohoo! – and sweaters/tees I normally don’t have too much trouble with. When it comes to chambray/polo shirts, there is a challenge to finding a fit that is flattering and long enough. 

I am always taking suggestions from the talk population as to where you get your clothes from – fire away! Let me know what you suggest! 


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