3 for 1: @chasingcasee

How to: how to put together the perfect look. Well, there are a few things to keep in mind. What’s your end goal? Where are you going? What environment are you heading into? This post is going to show you how my dear cousin nailed some of my favorite styling tips all wrapped up into one outfit. 

Now, not only is this dress adorable but it’s so unique! The way the dress ties at the waist is flattering on any body type and the color is a rich gray. The right neckline and long sleeves elongate her features in a slimming matter that really pulls together nicely. 

Dress: Tobi, Tights: J.Crew, Boots: Aldo.

Style tip #1 – natural make up. 

I love a fresh, natural make up look. Here, Casey uses a nude pallet for her eyes and a nude lip color. This accentuates her facial features and really makes her eyes pop. 

I personally am I fan of the saying “less is more”. I prefer a natural look for daily activity; work, shopping, hanging with friends. When you’re going out, or heading out to a holiday function it makes sense to add a little “extra”, but as women we need to embrace our inner beauty and bring out our natural features.

Style tip #2 – top knot. 

I love the top knot. Having just recently cut my hair extremely short, this is something I miss most. This look is so cute and flirty! If you’re going to go with a basic updo, this is the one to do. If you master the top knot – upload and add the hashtag #stylebyleanne – I want to see it! 

Style tip #3 – tuck those tights into those booties! 

Casey is relatively short in stature, but look at how she lengthens her height by wearing black tights and black booties. Many times women skip the tights, and I get it, they’re a pain! However, in many cases we “shorten” ourselves when we don’t wear them. Fall and winter is the perfect time to use the tights, and, how fun are the tights out there? Features here Casey wears J.Crew tights. We suggest J.Crew and Loft for your tights needs. 


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