Style tip: the coatigan [@loft]

Coatigan/Tee: Loft, Leggings: Lou and Grey.

Wednesday blues: this is a late entry, but worth waiting for. It’s been a gloomy past few days here on Cape Cod, but thanks to Loft I have had nothing but comfort wrapped around me. This coatigan was one of my favorite purchases last year, I love pairing it with some basic leggings, tee and booties. 

One of the perks of being tall is ROCKING a coatigan. I love the length, I love were it falls. Best part of this too is the fact that it has pockets, and I’m sold on anything with pockets. I toyed back and forth with buying this piece, weighed the pros and cons, but at the end of the day I had to have it. This was a challenge for me; one of the first articles of clothing that I really had to work at styling. Everyone should look for pieces that challenge them to expand their wardrobe. Don’t let your closet become boring and routine! Think outside the box!

Push boundaries and find yourself a coatigan to add to your closet! #stylebyleanne 


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