Adding length. 

We all have that one friend that just screams “glamour”! Let me tell you about mine – Emmalyn (@emmalynbonnie) is one of the classiest women I have the pleasure of knowing. Her style is chic and her life is exciting! 

You’ll find more about Emmalyn under the “beauty” page here at Style by Leanne. She’s my “go to” for beauty products and she’s featured constantly on @capecodfashionista too. Be sure to check her out! 

However today is not about beauty products – today we talk petite in stature but length in fashion! The last thing a shorter woman wants to do is look… shorter. Here is a way you can avoid creating an even shorter illusion when dressing yourself. 

My tip of the day – tuck it in! 


This look is paired perfectly. Tucking your blouse into a fitted skirt is a great way to accentuate your figure and create a longer  image for you petite ladies. Emmalyn is just around 5 feet but this look gives her a great amount of length! 

Emmalyn tucked her sleeveless blouse into her skirt with a looser feel in mind, and added a classic updo. This also gives a slim, long look with her chunky necklace. This look is put together so perfectly, in my opinion!  

As a tall woman, I also love to tuck in my tops. Denim, skirts, dress pants – doesn’t matter. Elongate your look and give yourself a slimming silhouette! 

Stay tuned for more styling tips! 


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