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and even more texture

There are a few things that I love with fashion, one of which is texture. Texture is the way the piece is, the feel, look, material. Featured below is one of my favorite sweaters from Old Navy; I will not lie, this was purchased a few years ago and it is definitely on the thinner side. However, what made this sweater a win for me was the texture. The pattern is crisp and clean, yet it has a chaotic manner to it all at the same time.

I struggled for quite some time trying to find a scarf or necklace to pair it with, but then i realized I didn’t need one. This sweater is an “eye catcher” all on its own. The color is a bright, vibrant purple with mixed white tones. I found that pairing it with some fun earrings was more appealing to the eye than trying to find another accessory that would add to it’s fun nature.

I found some big, gold bangle earrings from Charming Charlies and not only were they on sale (WINNING!) but they also were so simple. It was a great addition to this look, especially when paired with some dark denim and boots.

Now, on to the fit. The fit of the sweater is loose, yet flattering. I find that I am 100% comfortable in this look. I don’t have those panicking thoughts throughout the day; “is this too tight?” “Do I look frumpy in this?”. That is what I look for when I am shopping. If I do not immediately feel comfortable in something I put on, I don’t buy it. At the ripe old age of 27, I do not have time to try to “make something work”, I want it to work right away and I want it to be easy.

You can see more of this look, and how I styled it here below if you follow my instagram account ( @stylebyleanne ) —> press follow and join in my adventure of fashion forward styling.

xoxo – Leanne


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