Dun, dun, dun, denim.

First of all, I hope everyone took advantage of Loft’s 50% off sale going on! Second, how great is this dress?! It’s one of my favorites from Loft last season. This is a repost from the other day (you can see it on my Instagram @stylebyleanne) 

So featured here you’ll find I paired this dress with Loft tights, a Loft denim jacket and little booties from Payless. I love this look for a few reasons; 1- this denim jacket is my favorite. The wash is perfect to put with any look! Literally, any look. 2- this dress is so incredibly flattering! I like to wear it without the sash/belt it came with. I find that with my particular body type it fits best when it’s free falling. And 3- these tights are smazing! In comparison to the last 4 years, or so, of buying tights from Loft, these are the best in fit and durability! They have sustained puppies and babies, what more could I say to sell you on that?!

Also, I was trying for a messy hair look. After having the haircut from hell, just being honest, I want to avoid giving myself a “youthful” style. Aka making me look like I’m 12! LOL! The messy look has grown on me, I think I’m becoming a fan. 


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