Layering challenge

One of my favorite things about fashion and Instagram is the CHALLENGE! One of the bloggers I’ve been following for years is @alexisatarian and she is doing a fashion challenge. Each week join in and push the boundaries of your closet! This week was layering!

I love layering. I love the warmth, coziness and the absolute comfort that comes with it. For this weeks challenge I went for a Loft layering tee, Lou & Grey sweater and Marshalls scarf. (And my favorite modern skinny Loft jeans, obviously!) it was a cold day on Cape and this was the perfect outfit. 

I love the depth that comes from layering a scarf over a sweater, and if you’re feeling bold, a necklace to match! I want to challenge you to try new things, be challenged, and join in on the fun. 

Invite your friends and I hope to see you on the hashtag – #alexisatarianstyle oh, and be sure to add #stylebyleanne so I can continue to be inspired by your style too! 


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