Poncho city.

I have found that there happens to be one particular winter sweater I have learned to really love; the poncho! As a tall woman, I have found that a poncho sweater really falls nicely on a long frame. I am always on the search for the perfect one. I have a few and yes, all of them are from the Loft. They just know my style and comfort levels so well! 

This particular sweater is one of my favorites from the “classics” category. The black, white and grey tones fall together perfectly in vertical stripes. Also, as a personal tip, vertical stripes are always something that you should own. Not only are they the most flattering, but they also have a classic “old school” vibe to them. I love to pair this sweater with a fun scarf or a really big, chunky pearl necklace. 

Now, let’s talk comfort. This particular piece has a high cut slit on each side. For a cut like this, it’s a good idea to pair it on top of a lighter, long sleeve tee. If you’re feeling daring, grab a colored tee for an additional pop of color. 

Here’s a casual picture of how I styled this poncho – with a Loft leopard print scarf. 


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