Today was my Friday, and THANK GOD for that! I woke up early today and was staring longingly at my closet for about 10 minutes thinking “I have nothing to wear” and then it hit me. SPOTS! I needed something to push me into my last day of work this week and this Loft jacket was just the thing.

This dress is from Old Navy, it’s light and easy to layer, but most importantly it’s a fantastic color to match. Shift dresses are so flattering and effortless to style. Many reasons to buy this dress, if you’re lucky they may even still have them in store or online.

This jacket is courtesy of Loft. One of my lighter jackets that pair perfectly with any outfit during the fall/spring time. The polka dots bring a flirty “vibe” to any outfit and the off white color makes it easy to match up with just about any other color. 

Polka dots, in my opinion, are a signature style for women. It screams flirtatious, girly and confident in a way only they can. I’m still on the prowl for a polka dot dress, haven’t found one yet but I won’t give up in my search! 

These tights are also from Loft and I have to say I have yet to find a better pair. They are the most durable, comfy tights I own. They have survived babies and puppies, what greater testimony do you need?

Finally, one of my favorite pieces of this outfit, the statement necklace! Also from Loft (I know, I’m obsessed.) this statement piece makes me feel like royalty. It’s the perfect amount of sparkle to a fall outfit, the stones match the dress AND it’s easy to dress up or down. 

I always encourage my clients at Loft to find something comfortable and run with it. I grab my fall hues and I wear them through the winter paired with accessories that will bring a little “something something” to my daily look. 


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