Style Sesh!

So here we are! Our first “Style Sesh!” On Style by Leanne. Every Saturday, I am going to feature one of my favorite friends/Instagram bloggers/ style icons and interview them on their loves of fashion. It’s exciting to be inspired by those around you and I love to share those I am inspired by!  So I reached out to some of my closest friends, family, instafriends (LOL) and sent them a list of questions regarding fashion and how it impact their lives, or doesn’t.

Up first is my gorgeous cousin, Casey. Casey is 23 and the Social Media and Marketing Manager/Office Coordinator at an Accounting Firm. I bounce ideas and looks off her daily and she has something I am always searching for. AN EDGE! Casey has a style unlike anyone else I know. She will come out one day in jeans and a tee then BAM be ready for dinner dressed chic in a leather jacket and bold lipstick. (And when I say bold, I mean Iike purple or blue. A color I would not DARE to try.)

I was chatting with Case the other day about fashion and was able to pull some information from her relating to what moves and drives her fashion choices. Case states that she loves fashion because there is always something different, it’s always evolving.  She states that if she had to describe her style in one word it would be “Indescribable”. She doesn’t want to fit in one category; she wants to explore old trends, new trends and push the boundaries making her own too. “Fashion means quite a lot to me. It is a way of expressing myself.  If I am sick, or sad, you’ll find me in my favorite college sweats and an oversized hoodie.  If I am feeling productive and energetic, you’ll find me in yoga wear with a leather jacket! It’s always a surprise.”  As for a favorite “season” of the year – Case excitedly says “FALL!” Boots, bold lipsticks, jeans, leather jackets and scarves? “Need I say more?!” 

I know that I personally look for clothing, jewelry or anything that will make me feel 100% comfortable and confident in my own skin. I asked Casey what she feels most comfortable and her response was very similar to how I would feel too. “Jeans, booties, a t-shirt and her leather jacket are the “must haves” to a look, and feel, of total comfort. Well, that and some crazy lipstick.”

A go to piece that she just cannot help but buy when window shopping? BOOTIES! Especially when they are on the last chance rack at Charlotte Russe! She finds inspiration for her style by looking back at the oldies; high waisted boyfriend jeans and a flannel are regular pieces you can find her wrapped up in. Don’t let that fool you, she loves pushing the boundaries of her comfort zone and trying something new. If it looks challenging, and a little ridiculous, but falls head over heels for it – she is wearing it! 
Shopping habits: shh, don’t worry we won’t tell anyone! — Casey disclosed to us that she is a random shopper. She may buy one or two items at a time but she’s not one to go on a “spree” just to go on a spree. She only buys things that she REALLY wants. When she is shopping she tends to be drawn to anything that is different, or outside of the box. She said “For instance the other day I saw a black and white plaid jumpsuit online and was immediately drawn to it.”  Favorite brand, you ask? “Lately I’ve been feeling Tobi and Charlotte Russe”, but as for fashion icons she said it was a mix of people;  Jennifer Morrison, Lily Collins and Kristen Stewart as of lately.” 

Okay, last minute random questions! (Because I love fun facts!) I was quick to ask Casey her opinion on Diamonds or Pearls?  She said she isn’t really big on jewelry but she would definitely choose pearls.  She wears hers every day. As a tall woman, I’m always intrigued by different heights and how clothing fits, or doesn’t fit, everyone differently. Casey is 5’6 and she confidently states that she does not have any issues finding clothing she just finds that everything fits differently! 

Last but not least, a fun fact! Casey is a writer, in fact she already has multiple books finished and underway! 


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