Beer for your hair? Say it ain’t so!

Beer for your hair? Stop. It can’t be! WELL! According to one of my best friends, and sample guru, it is something worth checking out! I love trying new products, especially ones that seem totally random. Now I don’t like beer but I’m tempted to see how a hint of beer can help my hair. Always learning new things every day! 

Our Boston gal, @emmalynbonnie, tried a new hair product and she’s giving it rave reviews! Manufaktura has a line of Beer Cosmetics that she’s been trying; she says that her hair is so soft! Not only is she enjoying this product but her man is too, nothing like a light hint of hops in your hair to turn your mans head! 
Turns out, beer is good for hair. The Vitamin B2 which is great for hair growth and repair. This product is made with Czech beer, grain extract and panthenol. This shampoo and hair balm set is highly suggested for a healthy shine and softness. Be sure to grab yours today! –> see more on the Instagram account @stylebyleanne


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