Cowl neck sweaters

I know what you’re thinking – Leanne has an unhealthy obsession with Lou and Grey.. well, yes, it’s true. But how can you contain your wallet when there is a cowl neck sweater sitting in front of you?! 

This beauty was another find that I couldn’t resist. Today, I created another L&G/Loft combo. So many great deals to be found! Be sure to always keep your eyes open, Loft has so many sales where you can get these great items at a discounted price. Don’t miss out! 

Denim- today I wore a pair of dark wash, Loft modern skinny jeans. I am tall and slender and if I’m honest I don’t have much packing in the rear (if you know what I mean), Loft has two different styles of denim. Modern and Curvy. For you curvy gals- the curvy cut is best for you with more room in the hip/thighs. And for you slender ladies- the modern cut is great with a more narrow fit in the hips/thighs. 

Cowl neck sweaters are feminine and girly. They give substance to a simple sweater, like this one here. A simple, Gray sweater with an edge! I love how it falls at random, never looking the same more than once. I like to pair looks like this with big, dangle earrings or a long, delicate necklace.

Sofft boots paired great with this look. A cold, winters day calls for boots and nothing I own is more comfortable and supported than this pair of tall, black boots. Also comes in extended sizes (or big girl sizes as I call them!) which is great for those who have feet on the larger size.

Hair has Tresemme products and make up is Bare Minerals. 


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