Boot cut is back.

Want to know a secret? I love boot cut jeans. I find them to be one of the most flattering cuts on almost every body type. Curvy, slender or athletic – it works! I came across my first pair of boot cut jeans in probably over 2 years. (I’ve been on the skinny jean kick.) Thanks to Loft, I found a pair that fits perfectly, and with a dark wash? Completes every outfit!

Now what happened to these jeans? I feel like they disappeared for some time, however, I’m bringing them back! This particular cut I find to give me complete coverage and comfort. The fit in the hips and thighs contour my legs in a styled, yet flattering, way. 

Finding denim – aside from skinny jeans – that have a solid fit for my long, lean stature is difficult. Having wide hips and barely any “junk in the trunk” tends to create complications in discovering the perfect fit. Loft has the exact amount of stretch that I need to hug and show off my curves and long frame.

I paired some dark wash jeans with a Loft short sleeved tee & a Lou and Grey sweatshirt jacket. Topped off, of course, with a Loft necklace! Every outfit needs a splash of sparkle, right!? 


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