Little white.. blazer.

Who needs a LBD!? (Well, everyone does!) Today I challenge you to find the perfect LWB – yes, I just made this up – a little white blazer. There’s something about the way a classic, crisp, clean blazer spruces up an outfit. White immediately gives your look a dressier feel, it’s instant. There are a few things that instantly catch my eye – anything white is one of them. There is purity, femininity and a sense of flawlessness.  I relate it to seeing a bride, or a young girl getting her first communion. Your eye is drawn to the sight, you cannot help it.

I found my blazer at the Loft last spring; one of the best purchases made that season. This look was put together for a “Jeans day” at work. It’s perfect to add a professional twist to any dressed down ensemble. I like to pair it with dark denim and some sparkle. (I bet you’re starting to catch on to the fact that I add sparkle to every outfit) The light “sparkle” gives an essence of confidence to any gal strutting her way through a work day.

A navy and white polka dot blouse is a timeless look with this blazer. I like to pair it with some sparkle, but in a more simplistic manner by avoiding extra color or overwhelming textures/layering.  As I mentioned before, white gives a clean, crisp look. It’s feminine – attracts the eye. In a few short words – when I put on this blazer, I feel like a million bucks!

I challenge you to find a statement piece, something rare and one of a kind.  There are a few types of blazers every woman should have in her closet…. white and tweed! Grab yours today!


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