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Daily deals – @marshalls

One of my favorite places to find deals is Marshalls. I love finding beautiful pieces at even more beautiful prices! This sweater was found at the Marshalls in Mashpee. Fall and winter seasons call for warmth and soft fabric.  When I am shopping during these seasons there are a few things that immediately will catch my eye; 1- color. The color of a piece can grab my attention instantly. Pure white, soft cream, browns and navy hues are my go to. 2- fabric. If it looks comfy, I’m touching it. Plain and simple. I want to have something that will ultimately give me the urge to put it on immediately. If it doesn’t have an urgency, a want, to be worn you won’t find it in my closet. 3- a cowl neck. I LOVE COWL NECK SWEATERS. There is something so cozy about a warm, thick neckline. I’m just drawn to it!

I find that many of my cowl neck sweaters are Lou and Grey brand. They have the softest material, EVER. I have quite a few pieces from their line this year and last year too. This particular look was a steal at Marshalls. If I’m honest, I have a love hate relationship with Marshalls. I absolutely hate poking through racks. I am the kind of girl who goes shopping on a mission and wants to know where I need to be and what I want. Marshalls does not do that for me. I need to have a chunk of time carved out to spend there – and then the poking around commences.

In all reality though, this store is amazing. The deals you get on name brand prices is unreal. I love going through the purses, home goods stuff – there is literally a little of everything there. Something for all, if you will. It’s my go to place for Christmas shopping – it’s a one stop shop.

This sweater has such a beautiful look to it – the cream color is crisp and the stitching is clean. I love that it has shorter sleeves. It’s different, and I love that. You won’t find that everywhere.

Because this piece is oversized in nature, it’s good to have tighter bottoms to avoid coming off as “frumpy” (one of my favorite words).  Wearing a pair of leggings or well fitting jeans is always a great option when pairing tops like this.


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