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Scary stripes!

Stripes – I know what you’re thinking, every girls worst nightmare. I used to think that too BUT I like to take on the challenge of rocking horizontal stripes. I find that depending on the width and color they aren’t all that bad. Also, think about the material you are wearing. If you are wearing stripes and spandex well OF COURSE that’s not going to flatter every body type.

I find sweaters that are striped are a safe bet. This little top is part of the new line at Loft; one of the most flattering pieces I have seen on our clients. When a piece is that versatile with many different body types – it goes quick! The stripes and texture really have a modern feel but the structure of the top is classic.

Three quarter sleeves are a fun, mid season look. Gives security to those who may not favor their arms but also has a flirtatious look to it. I personally found it to be a little short, but unless you’re over 6 feet tall I’m 99% sure you won’t have any problems with that. Also, I would recommend styling with some fun earrings and bracelets – be careful with necklaces, you don’t want your fabric being caught on your accessories and ruin this pretty, little number.

Pairing this Loft striped top was easy – Loft modern skinny dark wash denim. The dark, navy color pairs well with the textured navy in this top too, giving it a structured look.  As mentioned above – I would recommend earrings. I found these white earrings at Charming Charlie. They are a bit heavy BUT they coordinate so well with this look, it was hard not to break them out.

Nearest Loft to me (Cape Cod, MA) is in Hyannis at the Cape Cod Mall – come on by and say hi to me and my Loft girls. We would love to show you around the new collection and help you find your perfect look.


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