Style sesh @emmalynbonnie

And now, coming from the glorious streets of Boston – Emmalyn! I have had the pleasure of knowing Miss Emma for many years. We love to go out together because we look absolutely outrageous together (seeing how she is 5’2 and I’m 6’1) naturally it looks like I’m trying to kidnap her, or babysitting her. She has dabbled in radio, music, modeling and so so so much more. Be sure to check her out – @Emmalynbonnie on instagram!

I spent last weekend in Boston with Emma doing a style session for a music video and after party she was attending. We had a blast putting looks together and talking about our favorite pieces and beauty products – all while sipping champagne because, well, that’s what we do!  She explained “I love fashion because it allows me to have my own individual style, but also has its own flow of trending changes to mix in.” As for her style, it’s classic, and that’s exactly how she described it.  Fashion is a person’s own sense of style in the sense of the word, but when I think about fashion as a whole, I view it as something far more passionate. People pour their heart and souls – using every ounce of their own creativity to create beautiful, timeless, jaw dropping or eclectic ensembles that ultimately make a statement. That, to me, is powerful.

As for a favorite season to style herself, Emma exclaimed “SUMMER!” Any opportunity to wear dresses is an immediate fave for her.  As for pieces that make her most comfortable, or a particular piece of clothing or accessory, she cannot leave the house without her rings.  But apparel wise she feels most like herself in a great pair of heels. Now I have known Emmalyn for years and if there is one thing I’ve seen her in most – it’s heels. After a mini break after multiple fractures it took almost a year to get back in the swing of strutting through the streets of Boston! Although it can be difficult to find the perfect pair for a petite gal rocking a size 5.

Emmalyn was telling me that when it comes to shopping there is one thing she really cannot turn down – a great dress! If she thinks about a particular item for 24 hours, it becomes hers. Her and I relate to being impulse shoppers (in a previous life, of course!) she explains that waiting 24 hours helps to prevent random pieces from taking over her closet, ultimately sitting in there collecting dust. Words to live by, we should all take the 24 hour lesson!

As for what inspires her looks? Moods. Chilly winter days when all she wants is to be cozy? Sweater, jeans and boots are the answer. If there is a hankering for dressing up? A dress, or skirt paired with a big necklace or some glitter earrings. How classic and contemporary. Although Emmalyn does enjoy trying new trends, she tends to stay more consistent with her particular style.

One of my favorite questions – how often do you shop? “I don’t shop often for myself. Working above a mall, it’s been about once a month lately to pick up a piece here or there. A wardrobe is a collection, and I really only add to it when I feel it’s a piece worth having.”  Style icon? – Jessica Simpson does an amazing job catering to her size and style however you can often find her poking around shops and boutiques on Martha’s Vineyard or Bobble & Lace on Newbury because channeling your inner Jackie O is necessary, such a flawless look.

What catches your eye – “cut” – Emma explains that being short and tiny, often times she has difficulty finding pieces that won’t be baggy but more on the fitted side with her  figure. Being 5’2, finding something that isn’t overly long or giving the impression she is a child borrowing clothes from a “grown up”, is difficult.  Loft fits well, especially for office wear, which can be very hard to find.

My favorite question – tell us a fun fact! Emmalyn laughs when she tells the story of how she has awful vision. So bad that she LITERALLY ran into Matt Damon and didn’t realize who it was until he was right in front of her. She always tells people that if they see her in public, be sure to come up and say hi – she’s not ignoring you, she just can’t see!


2 thoughts on “Style sesh @emmalynbonnie

  1. I remember working with Emmalyn at Gap in Mashpee Commons. A pure pleasure to work with. She had this yellow animal print sweater I think her Mom bought her from the Gap, which on the hanger looked pretty dab but when she put it on, it came alive. With her blond hair, it so well suited her. It’s funny how one can remember someone’s style and attitude after so many years not seeing Emmalyn.


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