Fit with some flare: @loft

Today got me thinking – I love sweaters. I love when they fit really well in the arms and have a little flare in the body. You know, like a nice fitted (yet oversized) sweater. Yes, I know what an oxymoron that is. I found one at Loft last week that I’ve been eye balling for a while now. Told myself, I have too many sweaters that are too similar and unless it was on sale for a decent price, I wasn’t going to add it to my closet. WELL, Loft proved me wrong and I ended up buying it for an excellent price of 60% off. I mean how do you NOT buy it at that price?

Now this sweater gives me some crazy confidence. The fit in the arms makes me feel secure and supported. Hugging to my “strong” areas of my arms, and reaching my wrists.  It’s long, giving me extra coverage, especially at my height! Perfect to wear with leggings and still have my rear covered. (For those of you who don’t know, I’m not a fan of the leggings and short shirts look. I like my behind to be fully covered.)

The color is creamy in the brown/tan family which looks great with jeans and leggings but also pairs well with scarves. This scarf was a gift from my brother from the Paper Store – the colors go so well with the tone of the sweater that it was a win win the moment they were placed on my body. Black boots with black leggings? Duh, perfect.

So all in all, my look for work at Loft was comfortable and styled – which is a daily goal of mine. I want to look put together in an effortless yet comfortable manner. Makes getting through a 10 hour shift at the office, combined with a few hours at the mall, bearable. To Loft, I am thankful for that.

This sweater came in a few colors, plenty of sizes are still available at the Cape Cod Mall. Come by and see me – I would love to show you more on this sweater and then stock your closet with every color, because that’s what I do!


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