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One thing I love is the classic look of an all black ensemble. It’s sleek, long, slender and gives off the impression that your silhouette will never end. Black is an amazing color; it’s literally the most versatile statement that you can add to your wardrobe. As a woman, naturally, I have concerns about my body. I’m tall, so that works in my favor, but every woman wants to put on her outfit and feel 100% comfortable.

This look made me feel amazing. I felt like Audrey Hepburn in all black with a classic twist (aka my floppy hat). Today I want to challenge you to always dress to impress…. yourself.

Now lets talk styling – I always recommend pairing some color – bright colors. Maybe pastels, bright, sparkle jewelry, or a fun vibrant scarf during those winter months. Anything that will stick out, catch the keys of those around you. This outfit has a few eye catchers, the top itself is because of the cold shoulder.

This look is coming in hot and I LOVE IT. I don’t own any pieces like this, so when I saw it at work I immediately had to purchase it. Flattering to the arms, and if I’m honest, I hate my arms. However, lets talk a moment about the high neckline. This is great, since we are showing off our sexy shoulders! Loft really made a great top. It’s classy, sexy and ultimately so so feminine!

This photo shoot was a fun one for me, I would be lying if I said I didn’t thoroughly enjoy myself. I went classic here, black on black. Black skinny jeans (from the Loft, @Loft) and a  black cold shoulder blouse (also from Loft). Now with any dark ensemble, there needs to be some light. So I went for some sparkle – Loft necklace and floppy hat.


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