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Depuff those eyes

Beauty post of the week! Altchek MD Dermatology is getting rave reviews from me. Another treat from my friend Bella (see my last beauty post on First Aid Beauty cleanser) this depuffing pad treatment was a big hit for a girls night I had the other night. I work 10 hour days, my eyes are constantly straining looking at a computer screen – not only do I work but I have many rehearsals I am a part of as well. My days are long and my time is precious.  Well, the other day I noticed while looking in the mirror I had bags under my eyes like you wouldn’t believe!

These Depuffing pads are fantastic! They are a “soothing hydrator” that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as hydrating sensitive, fragile skin under the eyes. Having hydrated skin is so important; no one wants dry, cracked, flaky skin. Take care of your skin and that includes under your eyes.

So, how does it work? First, be sure to cleanse your face as you normally would. Removing all make up and whatever else might be on your face. Apply the pads under your eyes so they make the shape of your eyes, be sure to keep the sticky side on your skin. Wear the pads for 30 minutes then remove them (carefully, don’t go ripping them off) and rinse any additional residue from the pads.

The package also tells you that you can refrigerate your pads for another experience. I did not do this, but after reading, I sure would be interested in seeing what that would feel like. If you do it, please message me and let me know if your experience was any different!

As for my opinion – I like this product.  Again, having sensitive skin, I was more than pleased that I was able to use this product without any irritation to my skin or eyes. That’s huge for me! My skin felt clean, tighter and refreshed, which was great – hydration was definitely needed. I would highly recommend this product – you can find it online! 


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