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Cardi party for one, please.

If there is one thing about winter that I’m not a huge fan of it’s wool. Winter and wool go hand in hand and, unfortunately for my skin, doesn’t mix well with me. Length is also key for me, LONG is great when you’re my height. If you have been following my blog at all, you’ll notice that I am all about length and comfort. You’ll also notice that I have one particular long cardigan that I just cannot say no to. I can tell you about this cardigan in two simple words – Ralph Lauren.

Today I really wanted to take my favorite cardi and revamp it. This Ralph Lauren open cardigan was a gift from my sister in law and it quickly became one of my absolute favorite things to put on. The versatility is amazing; the color makes it so easy to pair together an ensemble. I love the femininity it has when I add a full, vibrant scarf to it.

I also love the way it looks with dark denim jeans, although I also love to get super comfy in some leggings as well. This particular look was fun – a deep blue top gives a nice fall vibe to my look, all while adding some layers.  This scarf is great because it is so thin (I get hot really easily) but I love that the print gives off the essence of a full look.  The neutral tones are great to match with anything but really pull things together with the cardigan.


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