Ellie Kai FTW. 

 Question – did you see my post introducing Ellie Kai? If not, stop what you’re doing and scroll down to read more! Then scroll back up and read about this look that features one of my favorite dresses from Ellie Kai! This look I threw together early one morning received SO MANY compliments. I have to say I felt like an absolute rock star in it after hearing everyone’s compliments. But compliments aside, Ellie Kai has a fit that flatters my body (and many body types). This dress I bought in a dark navy and paired with some of my Loft favorites. Ellie Kai has extremely soft fabric, and the cut of this dress is so flattering (especially coming off the holiday season, if you know what I mean).


The fit is wonderful and the length (mine is in long) is modest, yet feminine without making me look frumpy. It is a sleeveless dress, with a girly neckline. This neckline I love, perfect for a necklace but modest which can be key in a work environment. I paired this dress with one of my favorite jackets from Loft! This jacket is amazing; it’s a little short in the sleeves but then again I am 6’1 so what isn’t a little short on me? The color is versatile and fits year round, pockets are placed perfectly and side buckles to give the jacket some shape to your body depending how much you may want to tighten it.

 Loft tights – I know I have raved about these tights before, and I will do that again now. Any pair of tights that can survive two puppies and a 9 month old grabbing and pinching at your legs in perfection in my opinion. Loft sizing is great too, although I am really tall I still am able to fit into a medium in tights without having issues with length or the waistline. My scarf is also from the Loft, this was a purchase I made a few years ago when I first started working at Loft. (4+ years ago now.) I love the colors of this infinity scarf and the way they flow vertically if you were to open it up to fold it. I had never seen a scarf like that before, it was a great piece to add to my collection. The necklace, which I’m sorry you can barely see here, is a long silver dangle necklace from Charming Charlie. It fell perfectly with the scarf so it was an easy add on to this look. With a pair of black, heeled booties it was a win win for an outfit of the day!


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