Introducing Ellie Kai.

Let me introduce you to one of my new favorite clothing establishments – Ellie Kai! Ellie Kai was founded by Liz Hostetter, I like to shop over at the Osterville shop! I had the absolute pleasure of working at one of their “pop up” stores in the Mashpee Commons for a few weekends last year. Ellie Kai was started over in Hong Kong by Liz because she was unable to find the right length, fit and cut for her overseas. She found inspiration in prints and colors from her environment in Hong Kong, as well as in traveling. Now the name “Ellie Kai” comes from a nickname Liz received while working in the Philippines while working with the Red Cross. “Kai”, in many languages signifies power, victory and water. Together, the name creates “a beautiful, strong female role model to inspire and nurture us all.” (as stated at 

I really love what this company represents. This representation of strong, beautiful women is a statement that I think our world really needs. These looks are classic, timeless and feminine.

 I have a few pieces that I wear regularly at work, or for a night out in the evening. Some of the ladies from my church work for Ellie Kai, or wear her regularly, and I love seeing the different pieces and how they are styled. Ellie Kai was a brand that I found challenging at first. I LOVE the prints, but I didn’t know how to pair them with accessories, which is what I work towards in every outfit. The solid pieces were fun to make an ensemble out of, but those prints! What a (lovely) challenge.

One thing that is amazing about this brand is the way each piece is created with such intention. Shirts are made with necklines to work for the professional, hidden buttons/straps to keep bra straps in place and give a modest look. My personal favorite is the fabrics that do not wrinkle! Makes traveling, and doing laundry, so easy! Here are some of my favorite looks, and the looks of some of my friends, be sure to check this great brand out at and upload your outfit pictures to #myelliekai and scroll to see more looks!


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