Italian knit.

So last winter I bought an open cardi from Loft made with Italian yarn. We only got a few in shipment and I immediately had to have it. Funny story – between multiple moves, and seasons, I couldn’t find this beaut to save my life. WELL, the other day I came across it in my Mother’s closet! Who would’ve thought!? It looks amazing on her, and I have to say I am so happy that it’s back in my arms. (Or on my arms!)

I find that this navy sweater is amazing but you have to be careful; after having a few minutes with my nephew there were a few close calls with him pulling at the knitting. Trust me the last thing you want are holes in your cardigan. The navy coloring is deep and dark making it easy to pair in any season and due to the 3/4 sleeves, also great in the spring time.

I paired this cardigan with skinny jeans, a polka dot vintage tee and some black booties. All navy hues; navy polka dots, dark navy denim. I love navy – blue is my favorite color, any chance to wear navy I will!




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