Fun fact: I love wearing clothes year round. Wearing tank tops with thick cardigans, jackets or sweaters – shorts or a romper with tights and a sweater? I love it. Clothing does not HAVE to be boxed up into a season for use. My style is versatile. I want to use it whenever I want to, and I want to make it unique to my day.

I find that making a unique look is fun for me. I love creating something new, and having people comment and say “I love the way you look today, I would never think to do that.” This look was pairing all seasons; long jeans from my fall/winter stock, my tweed jacket from my fall collections and a tank from spring/summer. All wrapped up into one preppy, feminine look!

This look is all Loft. Modern skinny denim – perfect for a long, slim look. A patterned layering tank, tweed long sleeved jacket and a floppy hat. The flattering cut of this tweed jacket is one of my favorite things about it. The zipper is great and the neckline folds fall just right. Also, you can zip her up all the way and button the top – which is another great look that I should try more often.

Jacket – size medium

Tank – size medium

Jeans – modern skinny, size 10 long.


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