Working what you’ve got.

There are few things in this world that are “old school”. Everything is instant, can have it in the touch of a button. The classics are rarely appreciated by our younger generations and people don’t know what the classics even are. Classics are bow ties, paisley prints and flare jeans. Styles that have been put aside, yet are slowly being reintroduced into our world.

I found an old paisley printed scarf hanging on the back of my door the other day. It  made me excited; immediately I changed my outfit to surround this scarf and wore it proudly. I have been really working on going through my closet and wearing every item I own. Pulling out some classics and making them new again by styling them in a way I’ve never worn them before. It’s a challenge that I can thank Alexis Atarian (@alexisatarian) for – we connected through the #coasttocoastchallenge that we both would take part of, and as I followed her page over these last few years I learned that she challenges her instagram followers to “work with what you got”.

I love this idea – the idea of using what you have, don’t let anything go to waste. I spend quite a bit on clothes, granted I am fortunate working for Loft. I don’t want to waste any of my hard earned pennies. I challenge myself to use what I have, make a piece brand new again by revamping it. It’s been so fulfilling doing this, and I am thankful for Alexis’ sweet heart and her frugal fashion ways.

So today, I challenge you to also work with what you got! I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I love it, it’s challenging and fun! See what you can come up with.

About this look: Sweater is Lou & Grey (@louandgrey), scarf is The Paper Store (@thepaperstore), jeans are Loft (@loft) and necklace is from Charming Charlie (@charmingcharlie).


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