Bell sleeves?

I’ve never been a fan of the peasant look (you know – ruffles, ties and really big/blousey.) I was at work the other day and something inspired me to try on this blouse. I’m not sure why to be honest. It was a cream color (bad for me since I’m a slob and have a tendency to spill or fall.) and had these huge bell sleeves. I went into the fitting room, after much resistance from my fellow Loft girls, and emerged wearing this top. Honestly, I’m obsessed.

I don’t know what it is, there was something so flirty and feminine about it. I felt amazing. The cut was fun, fabric flows but not in an unflattering manner. It was a great piece and I had nothing like it. I just kept imagining what I would pair it with. Came up with some great ideas and before I knew it I was paying for it and bringing it home.

I also added a gold necklace to wear with this. It gathers mid clavicle and then has a drop piece with a small stone. I imagined this shirt and that necklace tucked into it. Feminine, gives it a little “something something”, an edge and mystery. Is there a stone at the end of this necklace? How long is it? Well, you’ll never know because it’s tucked into my blouse. I love feeling like I have a secret no one knows. I mean that’s one of the main reasons I buy nice underwear or lingerie. It’s the anticipation factor, I have an edge and a secret.

So – not only did I snag this top but it was on sale for 60% off for the flash sale. Worth every penny! I am so thankful to my gut that forced me to try something new. ALSO! These modern skinny pants are amazing. They come in this cranberry color as well as a dark green. I found that this cranberry color gave me a very curvy look, while the green I found to be more slimming. Just my own two cents – colors can be tricky, don’t need to be adding any additional curvage to my thighs.

 Long story short, go to Loft. Check it out online – 60% off ends today.




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