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So now that it’s almost spring time – I need to get as much use out of my fall/winter clothes as possible. This sweater will be one of them. (Currently on sale for 60% off for just today!) I almost bought it in all the other colors but had to restrain my wallet. Loft has had some great sales this weekend. 40% off full priced merchandise and 50% off sale until today when they had a one day 60% off! I hope all your ladies stocked up on some goodies. We have quite a few new pieces, I’ve been mixing and matching pieces from this year and the last few years.

That’s one thing I love about Loft, their products are timeless. Always able to use each year! Finding a brand I would be able to do that with was NOT easy. I love that I can use my sweaters and jeans from years ago and make the outfits chic for today’s styles and trends. These modern skinny jeans are one of my favorite washes and they are so soft. I love the way they brighten up my scarf too. Really draws out the blue hues.

You will be seeing a lot more of this sweater, and these jeans! Grab them today! or stop by a store. Today’s sales might be ending soon though, hurry hurry!OOTD: Loft floppy hat, Loft sweater, Loft modern skinny jeans and scarf from The Paper Store. 


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