lofty layers.

I love to layer my looks. I’ve been on quite the kick lately with layering too – this look was from the other day while I was working at Loft. Finding the right layering tank can be really difficult. I find that they are never quite long enough for me or the fabric is not comfortable. There is nothing worse than buying a layering tank and having it be bunched up in your outfit – literally the most uncomfortable thing EVER. This tank is great and came in a few different colors – yes, I have them all. It’s light, flowy and flattering.

I know I have gloated about the modern skinny jeans from Loft. Well, I am going to gloat again. Loft has two kinds of jeans/pants Modern and Curvy jeans and then the Marisa/Julie dress pants.  I wear the modern skinny jeans, slimmer through the thighs and fits me perfect in the hips. For you curvy gals- the curvy jeans have a little more room in the hips/thighs. Try them out today!  This jacket has been making more appearances lately too – it is from last season at Loft. It is too short in the sleeves/length BUT I like it that way. Just about everything is too short in the sleeves for me, I am the queen of rolling up the sleeves into a modern “I meant to wear it this way” sort of way.


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