Make up – Bare Minerals, Hair products- Tresseme and Davine’s “All in one” spray, Teami tumbler in blue with Soice Merchants chai tea, Loft romper, blazer, tights and necklace. 

Teami tumbler – I love this tumbler. Perfect for on the go when you need to strain your tea leaves. Also, keeps tea warm (or cold if iced) for a long time, making it easy to make it through a day of work.

I love the spice merchants chai tea. Such a vibrant taste but not too sweet or too bitter. I like to think of it as hitting a sweet spot for me right in the middle! If you have a tea that you really love – please share! I love trying new teas and I’m open to all suggestions. 

Okay – my look. This was a fun one for me! I paired a summery romper (Loft) with some navy tights (Loft), crisp, white blazer (Loft) and black booties (Payless). I love mixing seasonal looks to create something original, in fact, this look I have never thought to put together. It really was a great statement and I had some really great, encouraging feedback from people about it too.

I love getting feedback from those around me, or my fashion friends. It’s nice to hear “WOW!” or “I love how unique your outfit is”. It really helps me to branch out, try new things. I can get in such a rut where I don’t try new looks, or even try to change things up to make them fresh looking. Especially in the winter time I find I have a hard time trying to change anything other than a chunky sweater color. So this year I’m trying something new – so far, it’s been great!This romper is really great because it’s a dark navy and has some texture to it as well. My favorite part is the clasp in the front – aka cleavage control, which I need. This necklace is so great too because it’s so simple, yet elegant and feminine. A fun look. I prefer big, chunky statement pieces over dainty, long necklaces. This being out of my norm was key for me to trying something new. Thankful Loft was able to make sure a great, versatile piece of jewelry. Upload some of your favorite looks and tag me – I love blazers and rompers so be sure to share yours! #stylebyleanne


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