Future plans.

Today I found myself drifting off quite a few times at work today. I just couldn’t keep my mind in one place. It’s so hard to work a job when your heart just isn’t in it, and right now, mine’s just not in it. I have really taken a plunge lately in trying new things; writing, Style Collective, photo shoots, trying new fashion trends. I have had such an amazing time seeing what I like and don’t like and honestly, I just really want to dive in and work on that more. I want to explore this creative side of mine more fully, and really give it all I’ve got.

I know I’m not there yet, and that’s fine. I believe in hard work and making things happen in God’s time. Sometimes I just wish it would hurry up though. I want to thank my readers and followers – your encouragement on my posts, pictures and thoughts really do inspire me to continue channeling a side of me that I have stifled for a very long time. It really feels amazing having this encouraging community of people supporting you, even when many of us haven’t met. My friends and family have been so instrumental to this new chapter in my life; I cannot imagine a day where I haven’t reached out to them for advice. A few names in particular come to mind, they know who they are. 

It really is an amazing feeling, you know, to really feel excited about something so unknown. I feel challenged in a way that is positive and let me tell you, it has been so long since I have felt that way. I really love fashion; I love being able to make a statement without opening my mouth. I love helping others find their style, I love seeing women feel comfortable and confident in themselves and more importantly how they FEEL. It’s hard being a woman these days, so many people send messages of how women should look or act. Well, positive images aren’t always those messages. I want women to feel confident and beautiful on the inside too, not just because of the clothes she has on. That’s what is important.

 On another note, I love fashion and being able to create myself every day. As for me, I love my scarves. I love fun patterns and colors – this scarf is from the Loft in one of my favorite prints. I love to fluff and tuck, making this light scarf big, full and open! Easy to layer with a long necklace or cardigan – AND fantastic add on to a solid top. I particularly like the way it looks with a dark, deep navy colored tee or sweater.




My best friend Jessy and I love to chat throughout the week but one of our favorite things to do is meet up at Blackbird Café in Groton and chat about our fashion passions and some projects that we are working on. This past weekend we got together, sat at our favorite table and spent a few hours talking about just about everything under the sun. Jessy is also in the line of fashion, she’s quite an inspiration to me. She encourages me and drives me to be better, to work for what I want. She is so great at giving advice, avenues to look into and pointing you in a direction of success. So let me tell you about Blackbird Café – they have this cute little building where they play great music (Jessy raves about the playlist) and inspirational quotes written all over the place. You know, any bloggers dream! More importantly, they have delicious food. I had a sandwich that was absolutely delicious, and Jessy had a crossant that still makes my mouth water. (check it out on Instagram @jessymk) lets talk drinks – we tend to come and have multiple drinks while we are there, that’s normal when you sit for hours and hours! My first bev was a chai latte – they have a chai that I drive an hour and a half to get, that’s how good it is. Well, now Jessy has me hooked on another drink. An iced mint chip mocha. It’s so great – mocha with a hint of mint? YES! Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area and check them out online and @myblackbirdcafe.

Winchester, MA. We met up with our good friend, and now our new personal photographer Matt. He brought us some beautiful tulips, our favs, and snapped some pictures of us being goofy. We had an amazing time taking pictures and talking about ways to style yourself. I mean on a rainy Friday what better props are needed other than an umbrella and some pretty flowers?Brands: the brands we are wearing for this shoot are listed below – Jessy is wearing H&M, purse is Kate Spade, shoes are Primark. I am wearing a sweater from H&M, jeans from Loft, purse is from Francesca’s and my boots are Frye Company. See this look featured on @CapeCodFashionista


Medallion prints.

I love the spring season for many reasons; fun prints, florals, bright pastels! One of my favorite things to do is start shopping for spring time shells and tanks. Anything off the shoulder, cold shoulder or sleeveless is coming home with me! One of my favorite places, as you all know, is the Loft. I have found a new shell tank that I am absolutely in love with and really excited to share with you.

Now, this is just a sneak peak at this beaut but it is a piece to be excited about. This Floral Medallion clean racerback tank is filled with bright, vibrant colors with a flattering cut perfect to pair for any occasion. I love floral prints – to me there is nothing more feminine and flirty no matter what season you’re in. I say YES! To florals, always! Bright blues, accents of white, pinks and greens? This is a great top that pairs well with many colors for layering. I prefer to pair with a blazer, denim jacket, or a nice open cardigan. 

The fit of this tank is really nice because it falls nicely in the shoulders and chest but then opens a little for a comfortable, looser fit through the stomach. I like to feel totally comfortable in the summer, having any sort of fabric sucked onto my body is not comfortable for me, so this looser feel is amazing especially when it still gives you some shape and flattery. The length is fantastic because even a tall woman, like myself, can wear this. It’s nice and long, but not too long making it great for a tucked or untucked look.

How to wear: As I mentioned before, I love this look with a denim jacket, blazer or cardigan. Here I layered with a warm Italian Knit Sweater Cardigan from Loft in navy and some dark denim jeans. I have also worn this tank tucked into some high waisted jeans or a skirt with tights. Because of its great length, it’s versatile in how you want to style it. Solid bottoms are key in my opinion; dark denim or colored pants, maybe even white for a more spring time look. Also, for jewelry I would do a fun earring and bangle bracelets or a really simple necklace but nothing too chunky or heavy. This top has so much personality, no need to add much more!

Where to wear: You can see in my portfolio that I am all about versatility and expanding through the seasons. I want my pieces to not be confined to one season or trend. I want to be able to mix and match, layer and style for different events and outings. This look is great for work or play! Don’t be afraid to try something new, wear something a little out of your comfort zone.





I want to introduce you to a new company that has quickly become a favorite of mine. Audaviv.

Audaviv was founded in 2015 – here you will find quality, stylish jewls from independent designer brands. Each piece is picked from all around the world – designers included are Zoeca, TomShot, Gisel B, PURELEI, Louise Kragh, Lesvar Accessories, Arine Jewels, Maruxi and Tamarzizt. For more information on these designers I want to encourage you to go to the website and click the link to read more. Audaviv even gives you reasons why they love and support these designers – check them out!

Audaviv travels the world searching for up-and-coming designers and brands already known in their countries. Some of these brands you will find featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue and InStyle. Being obsessed with detail is not a bad thing, here you will find pieces that were created with detail in mind. They are not “mass produced” so these are unique in that sense, not everyone has them. I love on the website where they explain that Audaviv is more than just jewelry; the brand “reflects an attitude and way of approaching life”. They have combined two latin words – “auda” meaning audacity and “viv” meaning life. They encourage you to live your life boldly, with an adventurous and open spirit. I believe in this boutique, I believe in living life with an open spirit. I think that it’s important to pay attention to the details, don’t let them pass you by.

I want to encourage you to check out this company – check out the product! I have a few pieces at the moment and I am thrilled with all BUT one, simply because it was too small for my wrist L the bow bracelet is adorable but was way too small. Other than that I am thrilled with my pieces. I have gotten so many compliments on my Line bar ring (silver), Stick bracelet (silver) and Icicle bracelet (can you guess in what…? Silver.) use my code “stylebyleanne” for 15% off your purchase! It’ll be worth every penny you spend!




As I mentioned in one of my previous blog posts I recently joined Style Collective and let me tell you, it’s been amazingly helpful. If you are a blogger in fashion or lifestyle you should check them out. Learning how to grow my brand has been something that I feel I have spent so much time on, but didn’t actually know how to do. Now, I’m not saying all of a sudden I have all of the answers BUT I will tell you that it has helped me organize my thoughts and form a plan to make some dreams come true.

I got to thinking – what do I want out of this? It all started as a way for me to be creative and share what I am passionate about. I’m working a job that ultimately I’m not happy in, I don’t make enough money, I guess you could say that I was feeling stuck in life lately. I started this blog as a way to share my passion for fashion; I love fashion, personal style and that unique creativity that no one else has but you. That’s what is so great about fashion, no one person is the same as another. We all have different influences that drive us to make the decisions and statements that we make.

For me, I wanted to create Style by Leanne to be something that women all over could read about and see inner beauty defined by happiness. Let me tell you, I was not happy a few months ago. In fact, there was a HUGE cloud around my head for quite some time. Now I won’t get all sappy on you, but I want to be real and have you understand where I am coming from. Life is hard, especially being a woman in my 20’s. I am expected to be at a certain point in my life – great job, married/serious relationship, having babies. WELL LET ME TELL YOU I AINT THERE! I am happily single for the first time in my life, I am happily content with working multiple jobs (well, that’s a little white lie. No one really likes all work and no play right?) but for the most part I am finally moving in a direction I am proud of. I just moved into a new apartment off Cape away from my safety net of family and friends – I am working two jobs, participating at my church on Cape and trying to have a social life with my friends in the city.

It’s hard! I want people to see authentic snap shots of my life and how I am in that moment. If I’m sad and want to post about it, I will. If I’m so in love it’s obnoxious, great. If I am content being in the moment doing nothing at all with tea in hand, I want people to see that. Sometimes people have this “I need to show that everything is so great and wonderful look at me” attitude and well, that’s what social media is for right? Being whoever you want, whenever you want? That’s not what I’m looking for; I want real, stripped down, hey this is where I am at. If you don’t want to see it, that’s fine, but I hope you will stick with me on this journey.

OKAY – onto the good stuff. What do I want my brand to be? I want people to read through Style by Leanne and see posts/information that is real and about loving who you are. I want beauty from the inside, loving who you are. I want to portray healthy images of beauty and life for women of all ages and comfort in yourself. I am a tall girl, over 6 feet – I had a hard time growing up knowing that I would forever tower over every man and woman. Now, I’m 27 now and I still tower over 99% of the world population (okay that may be dramatic but it sure seems that way!) but I am finally at a place where I am comfortable with myself. It took me years of getting over my “I’m awkward” phase! Girls these days have so many messages being thrown at them – be skinny, lose weight, do this, do that, look like this, look like that. Well that’s something that I am not about. I think we need to be happy internally before we can ever be happy externally.

I love fashion, I love that I have the ability to wear clothes and accessories that help me feel my best. It is so important to feel good about yourself, see what you like and don’t like. I love anything classic, feminine and timeless. I love a look that is modest, yet has some sex appeal. I love my body, finally, and I want to show it off at its best. I want to feel 100% comfortable 100% of the time. That’s my goal with Style by Leanne, to encourage women to be comfortable with themselves 100% of the time.

So to start, that what I’m going for – comfort 100% of the time and loving yourself the way you are. We will see where it goes, but I’m a firm believer in beauty, especially from the inside! Have questions, comments? Email me at or DM me on Instagram.




Style Collective.

So this week I joined Style Collective – for those of you who do not know who they are let me fill you in. It is a community of fashion and lifestyle bloggers that band together to encourage and help make dreams happen. If you are a blogger with big dreams this place is where you should start looking!

 A style collective membership includes exclusive access to all sorts of information on how to grow your brand, following and be a successful blogger. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with over 50 brands! This is a social network connecting women together. What excites me is this is so much more than just an online, social media community. They actually get together and meet – this is such an amazing opportunity that I will definitely be taking advantage of. When chasing a dream it is imperative to have support, they don’t expect you to just get it, or do it alone. I am so excited about being a part of this community, I am grateful my bestie suggested it to me!

 I was reading through one of the Style Collective posts – it encourages you to plan; know what you want and achieve it. I love the way they give you step by step instruction to help you achieve your goals, OR figure out what those goals really are. I am working on a new post to share with you about what my brand will be, what I want my voice to say, who I am and what I want to accomplish from creating this blog and being a fashion blogger. There are many questions, many options that I am sifting through. I cannot wait to share them with you.


PS – today’s ootd – lots of chambray & skirts! 


Lace tiered & must have.

Have you ever stumbled across a top that you just had to have? Well I did the other day, I am SO excited to share it with you! I was working a closing shift at Loft the other day and one of the girls grabbed this gorgeous tank in petite – I took one look at it and HAD to have it. I searched high and low and finally found it tucked away on a rack. It was an immediate purchase for me, so pretty and had a classic feminine look to it. 

This Lace Tiered Halter top in windblown grey is unique; I have nothing in my closet in this particular color. I am in love with the lace trim layered on this grey color. Now don’t be deceived by this color; yes, it’s unique but no, it’s not something that you shouldn’t have as a statement piece in your wardrobe. This color is oddly more versatile than you would think, in my personal opinion. I find that this grey pairs beautifully with a dark navy (and all skin tones!), which you will see here in this post. I will explain more about my pairings later in this…. What’s so special about this top? There are a few things that immediately caught my eye; first, the neckline. I am rather busty so anything that is modest in the neckline is a big win for me. This neckline is high and ties into a halter top, which is extremely flattering showing off your shoulders. You will find that most men love when a woman shows off her shoulders. It’s such a classy look, the halter, and I highly recommend it when you have the right bra. (we won’t get into that struggle because lets be real, it’s so hard to find a great strapless bra!)The lace is so delicately placed and the layering is perfect. Hits just at the right place on you, which I was concerned about since I am so tall. If you take a close look at the detail of this lace embroidering you will see the incredible detail that went into all of the stitching. I love the way it falls and layers on top of the top. I love anything that has lace or stitched embroidering, I just think it is the most feminine, beautiful look that a woman can wear.

Many have DM’d me asking about the cut of this halter; it is fitted well in the chest/neck and has a straight fit pretty much down to my waist. I like this look because it’s nice to not have fabric sucked onto my body. I am not a fan of a ton of spandex or tight clothing. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable like every imperfection is being broadcasted to the world. I think fitted and flattering is best, which is two qualities of this top!So some questions to consider – where would I wear a top like this? Definitely girls night, date night, a nice fancier evening or even work. I think it is wearable in many different places and can be dressed up or down. Featured here you will see it dressed up with a nice navy cardi, but could be dressed down with a denim jacket. How would I style this? I wouldn’t wear a necklace; the light ruffles at the top do not need to be covered up! Let them flow! I would stick with earrings (hair up) and bracelets to pair, something with a statement. Whatever you do, do not pair it with a hair elastic around your wrist like I do constantly. Why do I do that? I never notice it until after the fact, ugh!

Check out this top at your local Loft, or today!


Accessories to simplify

Lately I have been trying to take looks and simplify them. I tend to go straight for the chunky necklace and crazy prints. Well, with this look I wanted to try something a little different. I took a crazy print but added a more simple accessory. This Loft blouse is one of my favorites from a few years ago. The blue is my favorite – I love the different shades combined with a vibrant print! There is nothing in my closet that is even remotely similar.

So I was getting ready to go to work at Loft when I was piecing this outfit together and I decided to grab my new gems from Audaviv. I love these delicate pieces. They are perfect because they are so simple, yet versatile. I wear a lot of silver, so I ordered these pieces in silver because they will go with just about anything. I paired the Line bar ring, Stick bracelet and Icicle bracelet (all in silver) to this outfit with some silver studs, no necklace and boots. It was an even balance to a busy blouse.

These pieces are great for work or play. I work at Loft and at a Medical Building, so they are great professional wear but also pair nicely with some heels or flats to go out for dinner with girlfriends. Both of these items are one of a kind in my opinion; like I mentioned I have nothing similar to this top and these accessories are great to stack on to any look, or stand alone as delicate statement pieces.

Check out (use code stylebyleanne for 15% off your purchase) and




Oh the weather outside is… weather. If any of you are feeling like me you are SO SICK of this cold, snowy weather. I am ready for spring! Sunshine, tulips and sundresses! Well, unfortunately the Massachusetts weather has not agreed with my current springtime vibe. So because I have to, I went on a hunt for something new. If I’m honest, I didn’t find anything new BUT while I was out with my girlfriends poking around Newbury Street (AKA my favorite place in the whole world) I did find a little sweater that I absolutely adored!

 I found this sweater at H&M – normally I do not find tons at this place, it’s a hidden gem for me. I’m really tall which is why I struggle with their clothing sometimes. This sweater had great length, warmth and the texture is one of my favorite looks. Anything that has a scoop neck and grey coloring is right up my alley. I wore this sweater quite a few times and had so many compliments on it. One of the great things about this look is that it’s timeless, you don’t need to add much to it. In fact, I would only accessorize on my wrists if I’m honest. In my opinion a sweater like this doesn’t need a necklace (nor would you want it to snag) but a scarf or bracelets are a great add on for a textured sweater.sweater is H&M and leggings are Lou&Grey.The coloring is perfect with jeans and some black boots. I like to have a long, lean look – hence the skinny jeans and high boots or little booties depending on what I’m going for. I really would recommend a sweater like this, and H&M for those sweaters. They have great quanity of products, if I wasn’t so tall and concerned about coverage I would shop here more often. More bang for your buck and tons of cute things to work with during any season! Be sure to check out this look, and more @HM / and @stylebyleanne on Instagram.



Something that I always enjoy doing are those tricky monthly subscriptions. Now, I say tricky because I end up getting like 10 of them at 10-14 dollars a pop and then BAM we have a huge expense coming out. (And anyone who knows me knows that I am frugal as hell with my money.) I did Birch Box for a while, and I loved it don’t get me wrong but I found one that I really love! 

Introducing…. Bootay bag! I know what you’re thinking, okay, another monthly underwear subscription. Well, yes! I love this company. Their undies are so cute and feminine and the best part is that they give back. Here’s how this sweet treat works; for $12 a month you get two pairs of undies – choose your size, mix and match styles to your preference – and then free delivery to your home each month! 

My favorite part is if you post a selfie on Instagram and hashtag #undermatters they will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation. I love this! I love seeing companies give back. We need to be supporting each other and those in need. Go check out this company and get comfy in some cute undies!