Bright florals.


Do you ever look in your closet and wonder – why do I have nothing to wear? WELL, I can assure you I have plenty of clothes. So why was today’s outfit such a struggle? I don’t know. I think lately I’m feeling so stuck and not loving anything that I own. I want something different; it’s that time of year where I am over winter and wanting spring/summer time. So it’s hard to pull looks together when you are stuck in a season. I love how I came about this look, channeling spring but keeping to winter. A girl can dream of warmer weather while still layering like it’s February, right?I tried to keep a more casual look for this particular outfit. Black denim is easy to dress up or dress down. It’s so versatile, you can literally make it whatever you want. I wanted a pop of color, it took me a while to come across this tank – I have so many tanks that I was not sure what to choose. I went with this one because I just love this blue color, it’s perfect. Paired with a denim jacket and you have a cute, outfit easily dressed up or down with accessories and shoes/booties. Outfit details – this outfit has another Loft/Old Navy pairing! Jeans – black modern skinny jeans from Loft. I did not buy these online in long. Figured springtime is coming so if they were a little short that was alright since they can easily be rolled up and cropped. Tank – Old Navy from like 2 years ago. I LOVE THIS TOP! It’s an amazing color and I absolutely love the fit. It’s loose but in a flattering way, which these days can be hard to find.

Now obviously my denim Jacket comes from Loft. It is my favorite jacket that I own. There is something about a dark denim jacket that brings out a cute, casual look. Which is what I was going for in this case. As for accessories, I was able to snag a layering necklace from Loft. I love the new layering necklaces from Loft because they aren’t connected so you can wear all of them or just one depending on your look.


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