Now I’m a believer.

Confession: I am not a fan of anything “peasant like”. The flowy sleeves, tons of ruffles, lots of fabric. I just find it to not be flattering on most body types… HOWEVER… Loft has come out with some spring looks that I would classify as “peasanty” and if I’m 100% honest, I love them. I love them so much that I even purchased a few of these looks. Now I’m not going to indulge you in all my favorite looks that I purchased, but here is one dress that has already gotten a crazy amount of use over the last few weeks. Introducing the Bluebell Blouson Dress, featured here in size medium.

First of all – the color is perfect. Dark hues of fall/winter paired with bright blues for spring time? I’m going to be wearing this beaut for many seasons to come. I love the classic look it gives when paired with tights and little black, or brown, booties. I paired the dress here with one of my favorite Loft hats as well, just for a little extra touch.

Now let’s talk about fit. I was nervous about this dress with the waistline, especially since I am so tall. I was surprised that the waistline hit me in a good place and was flattering too! The sleeves are long, they come right to my wrists and are fitted at the wrists and shoulders to give some form without giving off this huge, blousy look that I, personally, do not care for. It’s nice to have a dress that is loose fitting, yet styled.

I bought this dress in a size medium in missy – at this time I haven’t found it online in tall. So I took a chance and bought it for the regular length. In my opinion it’s short in an appropriate length, which can be hard to find when you are 6’1 and all leg! I HIGHLY recommend this dress, it’s perfect and sweet. Great for fall/winter but absolutely able to be worn through the spring time too! Go grab yours today!


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