Accessories to simplify

Lately I have been trying to take looks and simplify them. I tend to go straight for the chunky necklace and crazy prints. Well, with this look I wanted to try something a little different. I took a crazy print but added a more simple accessory. This Loft blouse is one of my favorites from a few years ago. The blue is my favorite – I love the different shades combined with a vibrant print! There is nothing in my closet that is even remotely similar.

So I was getting ready to go to work at Loft when I was piecing this outfit together and I decided to grab my new gems from Audaviv. I love these delicate pieces. They are perfect because they are so simple, yet versatile. I wear a lot of silver, so I ordered these pieces in silver because they will go with just about anything. I paired the Line bar ring, Stick bracelet and Icicle bracelet (all in silver) to this outfit with some silver studs, no necklace and boots. It was an even balance to a busy blouse.

These pieces are great for work or play. I work at Loft and at a Medical Building, so they are great professional wear but also pair nicely with some heels or flats to go out for dinner with girlfriends. Both of these items are one of a kind in my opinion; like I mentioned I have nothing similar to this top and these accessories are great to stack on to any look, or stand alone as delicate statement pieces.

Check out (use code stylebyleanne for 15% off your purchase) and



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