Lace tiered & must have.

Have you ever stumbled across a top that you just had to have? Well I did the other day, I am SO excited to share it with you! I was working a closing shift at Loft the other day and one of the girls grabbed this gorgeous tank in petite – I took one look at it and HAD to have it. I searched high and low and finally found it tucked away on a rack. It was an immediate purchase for me, so pretty and had a classic feminine look to it. 

This Lace Tiered Halter top in windblown grey is unique; I have nothing in my closet in this particular color. I am in love with the lace trim layered on this grey color. Now don’t be deceived by this color; yes, it’s unique but no, it’s not something that you shouldn’t have as a statement piece in your wardrobe. This color is oddly more versatile than you would think, in my personal opinion. I find that this grey pairs beautifully with a dark navy (and all skin tones!), which you will see here in this post. I will explain more about my pairings later in this…. What’s so special about this top? There are a few things that immediately caught my eye; first, the neckline. I am rather busty so anything that is modest in the neckline is a big win for me. This neckline is high and ties into a halter top, which is extremely flattering showing off your shoulders. You will find that most men love when a woman shows off her shoulders. It’s such a classy look, the halter, and I highly recommend it when you have the right bra. (we won’t get into that struggle because lets be real, it’s so hard to find a great strapless bra!)The lace is so delicately placed and the layering is perfect. Hits just at the right place on you, which I was concerned about since I am so tall. If you take a close look at the detail of this lace embroidering you will see the incredible detail that went into all of the stitching. I love the way it falls and layers on top of the top. I love anything that has lace or stitched embroidering, I just think it is the most feminine, beautiful look that a woman can wear.

Many have DM’d me asking about the cut of this halter; it is fitted well in the chest/neck and has a straight fit pretty much down to my waist. I like this look because it’s nice to not have fabric sucked onto my body. I am not a fan of a ton of spandex or tight clothing. I don’t like to feel uncomfortable like every imperfection is being broadcasted to the world. I think fitted and flattering is best, which is two qualities of this top!So some questions to consider – where would I wear a top like this? Definitely girls night, date night, a nice fancier evening or even work. I think it is wearable in many different places and can be dressed up or down. Featured here you will see it dressed up with a nice navy cardi, but could be dressed down with a denim jacket. How would I style this? I wouldn’t wear a necklace; the light ruffles at the top do not need to be covered up! Let them flow! I would stick with earrings (hair up) and bracelets to pair, something with a statement. Whatever you do, do not pair it with a hair elastic around your wrist like I do constantly. Why do I do that? I never notice it until after the fact, ugh!

Check out this top at your local Loft, or today!


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