Style Collective.

So this week I joined Style Collective – for those of you who do not know who they are let me fill you in. It is a community of fashion and lifestyle bloggers that band together to encourage and help make dreams happen. If you are a blogger with big dreams this place is where you should start looking!

 A style collective membership includes exclusive access to all sorts of information on how to grow your brand, following and be a successful blogger. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with over 50 brands! This is a social network connecting women together. What excites me is this is so much more than just an online, social media community. They actually get together and meet – this is such an amazing opportunity that I will definitely be taking advantage of. When chasing a dream it is imperative to have support, they don’t expect you to just get it, or do it alone. I am so excited about being a part of this community, I am grateful my bestie suggested it to me!

 I was reading through one of the Style Collective posts – it encourages you to plan; know what you want and achieve it. I love the way they give you step by step instruction to help you achieve your goals, OR figure out what those goals really are. I am working on a new post to share with you about what my brand will be, what I want my voice to say, who I am and what I want to accomplish from creating this blog and being a fashion blogger. There are many questions, many options that I am sifting through. I cannot wait to share them with you.


PS – today’s ootd – lots of chambray & skirts! 


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