I want to introduce you to a new company that has quickly become a favorite of mine. Audaviv.

Audaviv was founded in 2015 – here you will find quality, stylish jewls from independent designer brands. Each piece is picked from all around the world – designers included are Zoeca, TomShot, Gisel B, PURELEI, Louise Kragh, Lesvar Accessories, Arine Jewels, Maruxi and Tamarzizt. For more information on these designers I want to encourage you to go to the website and click the link to read more. Audaviv even gives you reasons why they love and support these designers – check them out!

Audaviv travels the world searching for up-and-coming designers and brands already known in their countries. Some of these brands you will find featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue and InStyle. Being obsessed with detail is not a bad thing, here you will find pieces that were created with detail in mind. They are not “mass produced” so these are unique in that sense, not everyone has them. I love on the website where they explain that Audaviv is more than just jewelry; the brand “reflects an attitude and way of approaching life”. They have combined two latin words – “auda” meaning audacity and “viv” meaning life. They encourage you to live your life boldly, with an adventurous and open spirit. I believe in this boutique, I believe in living life with an open spirit. I think that it’s important to pay attention to the details, don’t let them pass you by.

I want to encourage you to check out this company – check out the product! I have a few pieces at the moment and I am thrilled with all BUT one, simply because it was too small for my wrist L the bow bracelet is adorable but was way too small. Other than that I am thrilled with my pieces. I have gotten so many compliments on my Line bar ring (silver), Stick bracelet (silver) and Icicle bracelet (can you guess in what…? Silver.) use my code “stylebyleanne” for 15% off your purchase! It’ll be worth every penny you spend!



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