My best friend Jessy and I love to chat throughout the week but one of our favorite things to do is meet up at Blackbird Café in Groton and chat about our fashion passions and some projects that we are working on. This past weekend we got together, sat at our favorite table and spent a few hours talking about just about everything under the sun. Jessy is also in the line of fashion, she’s quite an inspiration to me. She encourages me and drives me to be better, to work for what I want. She is so great at giving advice, avenues to look into and pointing you in a direction of success. So let me tell you about Blackbird Café – they have this cute little building where they play great music (Jessy raves about the playlist) and inspirational quotes written all over the place. You know, any bloggers dream! More importantly, they have delicious food. I had a sandwich that was absolutely delicious, and Jessy had a crossant that still makes my mouth water. (check it out on Instagram @jessymk) lets talk drinks – we tend to come and have multiple drinks while we are there, that’s normal when you sit for hours and hours! My first bev was a chai latte – they have a chai that I drive an hour and a half to get, that’s how good it is. Well, now Jessy has me hooked on another drink. An iced mint chip mocha. It’s so great – mocha with a hint of mint? YES! Be sure to stop by if you’re in the area and check them out online and @myblackbirdcafe.

Winchester, MA. We met up with our good friend, and now our new personal photographer Matt. He brought us some beautiful tulips, our favs, and snapped some pictures of us being goofy. We had an amazing time taking pictures and talking about ways to style yourself. I mean on a rainy Friday what better props are needed other than an umbrella and some pretty flowers?Brands: the brands we are wearing for this shoot are listed below – Jessy is wearing H&M, purse is Kate Spade, shoes are Primark. I am wearing a sweater from H&M, jeans from Loft, purse is from Francesca’s and my boots are Frye Company. See this look featured on @CapeCodFashionista


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