Future plans.

Today I found myself drifting off quite a few times at work today. I just couldn’t keep my mind in one place. It’s so hard to work a job when your heart just isn’t in it, and right now, mine’s just not in it. I have really taken a plunge lately in trying new things; writing, Style Collective, photo shoots, trying new fashion trends. I have had such an amazing time seeing what I like and don’t like and honestly, I just really want to dive in and work on that more. I want to explore this creative side of mine more fully, and really give it all I’ve got.

I know I’m not there yet, and that’s fine. I believe in hard work and making things happen in God’s time. Sometimes I just wish it would hurry up though. I want to thank my readers and followers – your encouragement on my posts, pictures and thoughts really do inspire me to continue channeling a side of me that I have stifled for a very long time. It really feels amazing having this encouraging community of people supporting you, even when many of us haven’t met. My friends and family have been so instrumental to this new chapter in my life; I cannot imagine a day where I haven’t reached out to them for advice. A few names in particular come to mind, they know who they are. 

It really is an amazing feeling, you know, to really feel excited about something so unknown. I feel challenged in a way that is positive and let me tell you, it has been so long since I have felt that way. I really love fashion; I love being able to make a statement without opening my mouth. I love helping others find their style, I love seeing women feel comfortable and confident in themselves and more importantly how they FEEL. It’s hard being a woman these days, so many people send messages of how women should look or act. Well, positive images aren’t always those messages. I want women to feel confident and beautiful on the inside too, not just because of the clothes she has on. That’s what is important.

 On another note, I love fashion and being able to create myself every day. As for me, I love my scarves. I love fun patterns and colors – this scarf is from the Loft in one of my favorite prints. I love to fluff and tuck, making this light scarf big, full and open! Easy to layer with a long necklace or cardigan – AND fantastic add on to a solid top. I particularly like the way it looks with a dark, deep navy colored tee or sweater.



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