Style session.

I am really excited to share one of my daily inspirations. I have been so blessed to get to follow her and chat with her over the last few years. Alexis Atarian is an inspiration to me in many ways; I love seeing what a brave, bold Christian woman she is. I love what an amazing mother and wife she is to her family and I LOVE HER STYLE! She dresses like no one I have ever known and I just love that about her. Style is so unique to each person, it can tell a story about someone and what they love. 

This style session is about a beautiful woman, @alexisatarian on Instagram, here’s a little more about her love for fashion and life. The first thing I always ask my style icons, friends and instagrammers is why they love fashion; Alexis explains “When I was young my grandmother taught me what it was like to have a personal style. She was always a very refined elegant woman. Watching her style herself is what initially sparked my interest in fashion to begin with.” So fashion has real deep meaning to her, as it does for most of us. I love what she says next, “Fashion to me is an art form. A means by which textile artists, stylists, seamstresses, and many more are able to create. It also happens to be the art form I prefer to express myself through!” I can completely relate to this, I often use fashion as my second go to when expressing myself, music/singing has always been my preferred method.

This mother of 3 says that if she had to use one word to describe her style it would be brave, I agree. So many things inspire my style, one of the great things about having a fashion community is being able to learn about what drives and inspires other people. Alexis says that So many things inspire her! “Paintings, photography, quirky fashion bloggers, people around me, and even nature! I would describe my personal style as being “minimal boho”, which is basically a fusion of basics with a splash of quirkiness.”

We all have that one thing we cannot live without, that one piece of clothing we find ourselves drawn to. Alexis breaks that trend saying that she truly need for nothing when it comes to my wardrobe. However, a dress is something she often finds herself gravitating towards when she’s thrifting. Mostly because dresses are an easy way to feel feminine and pretty without too much effort. Thrifting is her favorite; she always inspires me this way. I have never been thrift shopping before and from Alexis’ style, I clearly need to give that a shot. Shopping on a budget is always a great idea! “Something that fits well or is nice and flowy, and is slightly elevated from just an “everyday” piece.”

Fashion is always changing, evolving and pushing boundaries. It will never be stagnant, us innovators are always creating more ways to style and upgrade beautiful. When it comes to pushing boundaries and trying new trends she states; “Absolutely! I prefer to approach this carefully, considering I just like everyone else, have a very specific body type. Knowing this makes it easier to choose which would work for me or not. I also like to first alter pieces from my existing wardrobe to make them more trendy.” Now trying new trends can often mean shopping – one of my questions for all these style sessions is in regard to how often you shop. Recently Alexis explains that she hasn’t “shopped” at all! She’s currently working on putting together her own take on the “capsule wardrobe”. That being said, she does sometimes receive pieces from styling opportunities. Color or pattern are what first catch my eye. Something that is unique. My personal style is unique and sometimes all over the place, but I’ve come to be okay with that! I like dressing really funky one day, and then in workout clothes the next!”

Now these last few questions are for my own guilty pleasure! I love learning random things about people, so here is my opportunity to share with you some random facts about my friend Alexis! Seasons and weather can often bring a little difference in what you gravitate to when styling your looks. She said, “Hmmmm…it would have to be a tie between Spring and Fall. I think you can be the most creative in these seasons!” Diamonds or pearls? “neither”, How tall are you? Do you have trouble finding certain clothes? If so, where do you find them? Well, I’m 5’1″, and jeans are often hard to find that I don’t have to hem! I have yet to find some “as is” that are just right. A good compromise I’ve found lately are culottes, because they are cropped.

I want to thank Alexis for taking the time to answer my questions and send some pictures along for my blog. She is such an inspiration to me – such a genuine, sweet soul. The last question I always close my style sesh out with is what is a fun fact that you can share, not necessary related to fashion. Alexis’ fun fact is that she used to be the drummer in a band and they called themselves “The One Man Band”, since they had a male bassist! 


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