Classically chic.

I broke out one of my favorite, classic Loft dresses the other day. Chambray is such a classic look, especially in a dress in my humble opinion. I loved this piece from a few lines past – the length was great, especially for us tall women, and the cut was flattering. Sleeves buttoned to stay crisp, long or could be rolled up for a more casual look. Great for layering bracelets or adding a pop of color on the wrist. Another perk was that it came with a removable tie waist, which as you see pictured here I don’t use. I personally like the fuller, loosened look but feel free to use the tie or another belt of your choosing to make it your own.

I paired this dress with a new scarf from this season – I loved this navy floral pattern. The way the patterns fall together in a full, fluffed manner is great to contrast with the dress. I found it really compliments with a long necklace too. The neckline is a classic collar, which is great for layering a bold, statement necklace. If you check back on my Instagram you will see that I have styled this piece in many different ways between scarves, jewelry and a combination of the two.

Since it was a warmer day in Massachusetts I opted out of wearing tights, however during the colder months of the year dark black or navy tights pair nicely with some short, or tall, boots. I personally like short booties because it really lengthens my already long frame. Give it a try – upload your style to Instagram and be sure to tag me!



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