Cross it off.

I am not sure about you but this week has been a trip! I worked many hours between two jobs, spent countless hours working on a worship set for church this past weekend and I am still pooped. I was looking through my blog calendar that I have made and noticed how far behind schedule I was with everything that I had planned. I have all of the material, but trying to find the time to make that happen was something that was hindering my productivity.


Style Collective has been so helpful – creating calendars, to do lists, and so much more to help put dreams, goals and material to paper. It’s easy for me to see something and make it happen. I am so grateful for this community of bloggers – it really has made a difference in growing myself as a blogger, brand and more. So the tip of the day? Relax. Make your list of goals and cross them off one by one. Create that calendar and do it one day at a time. Setting a reminder in my phone has been so helpful in reminding me to sit down and blog instead of watching 4 episodes of One Tree Hill (guilty as charged!)

Now this look is one of my favorites. Classic comfort for me. Long shell tank, modern boot cut jeans and a jacket that matches just about everything. All Loft – I know, the obsession is so real! 


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