Style Social @loft

One of the greatest parts of working at Loft is getting to meet, and work with, all these amazing women. Tonight I am so excited about a Loft Style Social that I am hosting for my fellow women at Emerald Physicians. I’ve been working at Emerald for almost 2 years, I have a great group of women that I work with and I am so excited to pamper them at my fun job tonight.

There are so many new pieces from this spring line that are must haves in my opinion. Tons of gorgeous dresses, bright florals and my personal favorite, off the shoulder shirts! There are so many great tops that are favorites of mine for this season. Here are some of my favorites that I love! Be sure to check out the Loft closest to you or!

This floral off the shoulder shirt was an instant buy for me. I am a complete and total sucker for florals and off the shoulder shirts. This bell sleeved floral is so feminine and flirtatious. Perfect for a date night with a special someone or brunch out with the girls. As for pairings – I would do white denim, or a dark denim. I’m not the biggest fan of light denim.

This white bell sleeve, white off the shoulder shirt is a classic. This is great paired with any bottom – versatility is no problem for this top. I paired it during a style session at work with dark, cranberry red skinny denim. Again, perfect for this season and just about any occasion. 

Loft is amazing for putting together a flirty tank! This cold shoulder cami in black is great because it’s light but has plenty of coverage. The ruffled sleeves are light and fall just right giving off the perfect “cold shoulder” look. This top is also a great seller because it looks amazing on everyone, no matter your height or body shape. I am 6’1 and this size medium fit as great on me as it did on a woman with a smaller frame and stature.

Light blue hues and pin stripes? Off the shoulder? Bow ties? YES. This top is an absolute must add to your pile when you are checking out at Loft. This top looks amazing and will pair so well with any bottom; colors, shades, denim or dressy – it works! Featured here on me in a medium was the right fit and size.

Now this beaut is my all-time favorite from this new line. The Tiered lace halter top is PERFECTION. I was concerned about the length but thankfully it was the perfect length for even a tall frame like myself. The color is beautiful and don’t let it scare you. It would pair great with navy or on its own. Be sure to take a close look at the lacey tiered embellishments!

 These are the looks that I will absolutely be promoting at tonight’s Style Social at Loft for my coworkers. Stay tuned, I will have some snap shots from tonight’s social to share. Be sure to check out the Loft nearest you and schedule your own Style Social for a big or small group of your closest girlfriends and family!


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