Style session

Happy Saturday lovelies! I am really excited to share with you a style session about myself. This week I want to share a little more with you about where my love for style came from and why it’s so important to me.

I love fashion for many reasons; it is my favorite way of expressing myself and there really is no “right or wrong” which is what makes it so unique for each person. It’s a way of being bold, making a statement, without actually needing to say anything. Now in many ways my particular style can really say a lot, however if I was to narrow it down to one word I would simply go with cozy. I want to feel 100% comfortable every single day. Whether that is a warm fabric or a dress that makes me feel comfortable. I want to take on each day without anything hindering my spirit. Clothing should feel comfortable and make ME feel comfortable.

So why fashion? Why pursue styling? Well, if I’m honest here’s the deal. As a woman I am constantly being told messages through social media, people, magazines etc about what a “woman” should look like. I don’t agree with that, I don’t like feeling pressured to look, act or be a certain way. There are so many negative messages being sent out there to our younger generations of what women should look like, what their weight should be. Beauty is so skewed these days, my goal is to bring back a healthy image of what women should aspire to be. Themselves. There should be this drive to inspire, and see inner beauty and confidence. Fashion is my way of loving myself no matter what my size.

My favorite time of year is fall! I love the fashion; boots, scarves, chunky sweaters. Anyone who knows me knows that I live for apples, pumpkins, wineries and big oversized sweaters. Going off what is my favorite, I would say that I absolutely feel most comfortable in a good pair of skinny jeans. (particularly Loft – modern skinny’s are the way to go!) I just feel a good pair of skinnys can help me take on anything, and it’s so easy to pair an outfit around them.

I often feel inspired by the weather and season that we are in. I love the fall because of the changing leaves, and the browns and reds that come with each new line that comes out. Finding nice, fall colors and pairing them with some boots always makes me feel ready to frolic around with my girlfriends. I love new trends and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. Mixing patterns is always a trend that I like to work on, it’s a fun challenge that really helps make a statement when the pieces come together well. 

One of the questions I asked the other girls was how often they shop….. insert dramatic silence here. I shop all the time. I work at the Loft so naturally I don’t actually get a paycheck from them. I work for clothes, and I’m totally alright with that. I try not to shop unless I am on a mission for something specific but when you are surrounded by new pieces and lots of florals (like I am now) there really is no way to contain my wallet. Anything that has florals, or some sparkle in it is something that I instantly gravitate to (must be the Disney princess in me) that being said I am 100% a Loft/lou & Grey girl. Nothing mixes comfort and style like Lou & Grey, if you have never touched one of their pieces quickly go grab something. I dare you to not buy it.

Okay fun facts about me – my fashion icon is Lauren Conrad. I think she is stunning and her looks are feminine, beautiful, conservative and timeless. Just what I like to go for. I am 6’1 so I do have trouble finding pants and dresses that are long enough for me however Loft and Old Navy tend to take the cake for me in fulfilling all of my tall girl needs. 

Fun act about me – I use to work for Disney and I miss it more than anything in the whole world. I would gladly give up my fashionista looks to be in my character attending costume again.


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